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What is Hanjie Puzzle?

Hanjie, also known as picross, picture cross, griddler, or nonogram, is a classic logic-based number puzzle. A blank grid consists of a few numbers on the top and the left edges indicating the number of cells to be painted in a particular row or column. The grid usually varies in size, so for instance, it can be a 5×5 grid or a 12×12 grid, depending upon the creators and the level of difficulty. These numbers and the grid are all that you need to solve the puzzle logically and to unlock the hidden image behind the right boxes.

Each grid contains a distinctive pattern and nothing random. The grids usually tend to be in the multiples of five – so, it can be a very tricky process for the hanjie artist to create grids that always make sense. Hanjie is an exquisite and satisfying puzzle, where implying the correct strategies reveals a beautiful image.

To get a feel of what hanjie is all about, here is a mobile application that will give you a live experience of the puzzle. Picture Cross Puzzle by Easybrain mobile application by Easybrain is a top-rated gaming app having over 10 million downloads on the Google play store. Invented by Non Ishida, a Japanese graphic editor, nonograms were very quite prevalent back in the 1980s when she converted her live design into a well-known puzzle game. Nonogram is, in fact, an amalgamation of two words – nono and gram, where the phrase nono was taken from the name of Non Ishida and gram came from a diagram. She got her puzzles published in print but, with the advent of technology, these magazine games took over the mobile platforms, and by Easybrain is one of those games that is quite prominent amongst puzzle players. 

The app has a very sophisticated interface and comes with tons of puzzles to suit everyone’s taste as well as understanding. Daily and seasonal challenges keep you going every day and pass your time productively. The easier puzzles are great for beginners, whereas the difficult ones are more apt for the die-hard fans. And, if you get stuck with any move, there are hints to your rescue!  


If you think you can uncover the hidden images with your logical thinking and creativity, install the number puzzle on your Android or iOS smartphone and get going at it! You can either warm up with beginner level challenges or start with the evil quests at more advanced levels – the choice is yours!