What is a servo system?

Integrated Process Technologies (IPT) is a distributor of valves, actuators, filters, pumps, control systems, cryogenics, chemical storage systems, process equipment, and mobile reverse osmosis. In-house and field repair services for control equipment, including actuators. Plus, since piezoelectric actuators give off little heat and consume almost no power when operating in an energized state, they’re widely used across a broad selection of industries, including everything from automotive and defense applications to scientific instrumentation and ultrasonic machine controls.

To answer the question, What is a piezoelectric actuator?” and to learn how the device works, it’s first helpful to understand that all actuators — from hydraulic and pneumatic to mechanical and electrical — are machine components that convert a type of signal energy into a desired controlling motion. Al Wroblaski, Thomson Linear Actuator Product Line Manager, demonstrates the advantages of Industrial Linear Actuators over hydraulic systems.

Intellidrives.com is the place to find your linear actuators and high current polarity reversing contactors for a wide variety of applications, including original equipment manufacturing (OEM), resale and hobbyists. Traditional ball screw carriage drives and complicated bar gap systems are extremely maintenance-intensive; electric actuators are more precise and more rigid than traditional hydraulic or ball screw actuators which results in improved peel quality and thickness control. Rebuilding & repair services for rotary & linear precision actuators from 2.3 kip to 250 kip force rating.

Designer & manufacturer of electro-mechanical linear & rotary actuators with ball or acme screws from 1/100th HP to 1HP AC or DC for industrial equipment building automation, furniture, food equipment, armored vehicles, aircraft, power generation, simulation, welding, healthcare, medical apparatus & custom designs. Pipeline, control and relief valves and actuators can be repaired. Valve repair and remanufacturing services for refining, petro-chemical, Machining power generation, and pulp and paper industries.

Hydraulic servo valve and actuator rebuilding and repair services. Machine tool repair, realignment and calibration services, including motion actuator and rebuilding. Our service area has a full machine shop (from sub-assembly and chemically cleaning to blasting, painting, and final inspections) for testing, repairing and also conducting research development on actuators that are not so common.

Pacific Industrial Services specializes in the precision machining & supply of valve, actuator & pumps providing complete repair, rebuilding, refurbishing & restoration services. Pacific Industrial Service Co. – Precision Machining of Valves, Actuators & Pumps. After working on the project for a year, Bent Jensen develops the first electric linear actuator, the LA30, designed to improve various applications primarily within agricultural machinery.

Given its simple design, minimal moving parts, no requirement for lubrication to operate and the high reliability characteristics, the piezoelectric actuator is used in a variety of industrial , automotive , medical, aviation, aerospace and consumer electronics applications Piezo actuators are found in precision knitting machinery and braille machines. A piezo actuator can be used to control hydraulic valves, act as a small-volume pump or special-purpose motor, and in other applications requiring movement or force. The precise movement control afforded by piezoelectric actuators is used to finely adjust machining tools, lenses, mirrors, or other equipment.

One of the critical components in today’s modern pipeline systems are the valves and actuators that allow the natural gas or refined products/crude systems to operate safely and effectively. Products include CoBots , Actuators , Linear Guides and Ballscrews Our in house machine shop also provides customers with quality machined parts to fully meet your requirements. Mead ‘Brien can automate everything from a quarter turn ball valve with pneumatic actuator to very large valves – 72 inches or larger with motor operated actuators, utilizing our machine shop to fabricate mating components.

Intellidrives specializes in the design, engineering, and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced, industrial-use valves and actuators. Rugged and dependable hydraulic actuators for fail-safe and emergency shutdown valve control for any industrial process. Bettis Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators offer reliable torque to automate valves for a wide range of industrial applications from big to small, hot to cold, general to severe.

Safe, Reliable and Field Proven Actuation Technologies for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electric Actuators, and Gearboxes that suit many types of applications and specifications. Electronic actuator control instruments including limit switches, position transmitters, solenoid valves and pressure switches. Pneumatic actuator control instruments including airsets, lock-up valves, volume boosters, relays and positioners.

Suitable for machine tool applications, the SHA Series of brushless actuators provide high torque for fast acceleration and positioning. Valin offers field service and field repairs, and system-level troubleshooting by experienced field equipment techs and engineers on all Valvcon Electric Actuators