What are the multiple uses of CAD software?

Before the invention of the Computer Aided Design software, development of any design used to be a time consuming and tedious job. CAD software has replaced the traditional system of designing and has simplified the process by making it digitalized. Usually, the engineering sector makes use of this software which involves a lot of designing and manufacturing. Apart from its use in the engineering industry, there are various other fields in which this software can be used.

Industries in which CAD is used:

Below mentioned are some of the top industries in which CAD is used.

  • Aerospace Industry– The cost of any single aerospace product is high and therefore, this software is very helpful in the initial process of designing. This design software is used for planning each and every detail before the invention of the product.
  • Architecture– A faultless planning is a must when designing expensive and large things especially infrastructural designs. CAD plays an integral role in designing 3D diagramed representations of houses, commercial structures, office buildings and 2D floor designs. Apart from designing architectural layouts and designs, CAD can be used for measuring specifications like volumes, measurements and weights.
  • Cartography– Designing maps in the traditional manner has been replaced by the use of CAD system. The modern cartographers can now chart topographical maps, climate maps, road maps with the use of Computer-aided designing software.
  • Automotive industry– Auto designing that too without errors and faults is a very crucial step because it includes a lot of life security and safety. The exemplars and patterns of the body style, designing of auto components like upholstery, engines, tires and other parts are all done by CAD.
  • Civil engineering– CAD can be used for urban planning which is an integral part of civil engineering. CAD can be used for planning office complexes, parks, bridges, industrial units and much more!
  • Interior designing– CAD is very useful for interior designers. They can diagram their imaginations with the help of software which helps in detailed planning of the designs through digital means. This helps the interior designers to portray the layout, pattern, paint color to the clients.


CAD is versatile software having multiple uses. This software is used for various uses like fashion industry, movie sets, theatre, furniture, electronics, product packing and so much more. Such ubiquity through a massive range of businesses ensures the permanency and inevitability of Computer Aided Design software.