What are the best things to do with your smartphone?

Most of us think of our smartphones as extensions of ourselves because they have become so central to daily life. On average, people spend about 4 hours a day on their devices, which begs the question: what are today’s most popular smartphone activities? 


Online shopping data shows that mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic back in 2015. Therefore, anyone operating an eCommerce website must be sure that mobile users enjoy an easy and frictionless experience. Mobile shopping should, in fact, be at the center of their digital marketing and sales strategies. 

Smartphones can enable fast, convenient and stress-free online shopping trips, one of the most enjoyable ways to use your phone. There are numerous apps that allow you to compare products and prices to get the best deals, to track deliveries and to monitor how much money you’re spending online through your mobile.

ShopSavvy, for instance, is a great app that lets you check you’re buying an item at the cheapest price. It’s so frustrating to realize that the product you just bought is available more cheaply elsewhere. Using the ShopSavvy app will put you on the right track toward the best deals and places to get what you want at the lowest possible prices. 


A smartphone is invaluable guide when you travel. It provides you with updated information about your destinations, translates menus, helps you navigate public transport and meet new people with shared interests, and, of course, it lets you capture the best moments as photos or video. In a nutshell, traveling with your smartphone makes everything easier and more fun. 

If you’re an Instagrammer, check out Snapseed. This photo editing app is ideal for when you’re traveling abroad and have limited time. It will take your pictures to the next level, impressing your followers, and it’s really easy to use, requiring only minimal knowledge to apply incredible effects to all your shots. 

Being unable to understand the locals when traveling can be one of the biggest frustrating aspects of international travel. That’s why these days, there are many apps designed to help travelers understand what’s going on and express themselves better. From Google Translate to iTranslate Voice, Translator Speak and Translate Pro, global citizens now have a wider choice than ever. 


Making money from your smartphone has never been so easy. In fact, in a globalized economy, many experts believe that mobile trading is rapidly becoming an integral part of our online lives, especially when it comes to the Forex industry. Leading trading sites give you easy access to a wide variety of markets and you can place trades whenever and wherever you wish, as long as you have a strong internet connection and a reliable trading platform.

Trading with UFX is definitely one of the best options when it comes to mobile trading. As it is a fully regulated broker, trading with UFX on your smartphone allows you to trade CFDs on a huge range of assets, through a powerful, robust and comprehensive platform that creates a safe trading environment.