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What Are Cyber Exercises?

Cyber exercise is a way to test your company’s cybersecurity measures. It examines the strength and efficiency of cybersecurity protocols that have been installed and regulated in any organization. Cyber exercises help organizations to develop an incident response function to the cyber threats that might be present online.

Any company that has a database of any set of data needs to be protected from different cyber threats like hacking, viruses, malware, and ransomware. In order to get ahead of them in terms of technological advancements, organizations hire cybersecurity experts to help them prepare of any uncertainty.

These cybersecurity experts organize and develop specific typical or personalized cyber exercises. These exercises aim to present a possible cyber threat to the organization’s database. These are a set of simulations that run on computers and are harmless. The basic idea is to prepare the company staff for the worst that could happen to their cyber presence. To check on the company’s protection and agility from time to time, these tests are conducted.

There are many types of cyber exercises performed all over the world. The most common one is the basic discussion exercise where everything is on paper and staff, is made to understand the possible threats. The basic idea here is to make a list of these issues which can land the company in trouble. Now, fix a meeting with the departmental heads, cybersecurity head, and all the employees who are directly responsible for the data protection in the company. The next step is to make them understand what can go wrong if they keep functioning the way they are doing and in the end, how to get rid of these issues by presenting technologically feasible solutions.

Another kind of most common cyber exercise is functional exercise. This is where simulations come in place. The cyber experts develop specific simulations where all the possible cyber threats are diagnosed linearly. They design these simulations for the employees of the company who are responsible for cyber protection and data protection protocols. These kinds of exercises are prevalent around the globe. They are proved to be much more efficient than the discussion exercises. However, if you are looking for an activity to be held at your company, we’d advise you first to conduct a discussion and then a functional exercise.

By allowing your staff to be part of both kinds of exercises, you’ll be strengthening your cybersecurity. Not all the cyber exercises are costly if you are worried about the financials. However, spending the right amount of money on these exercises will yield more significant benefits for you in the long run. Firstly, your staff will always be ahead of your competitor’s team in terms of technological knowledge. Secondly, you will never be at the receiving end of any cyber threat.

The most fantastic advantage of having regular cyber exercises in your company is reduced stress. When the people who are directly responsible for your company’s most valuable data protection understand how it can be harmed or stolen, then there is nothing much to worry about.