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What Accessories For Folding Tents Should You Have?

The accessories folding tents can be a headache for some people, because they don’t know what kind of accessories they will need for their marquee. Many others, however, are very clear about it. But for all those who do not know what accessories for folding tents may interest them the most, we list the most prominent ones.

  1. Ballasts for Folding Tents

Perhaps,this is the most obvious. Because, in areas where it cannot be nailed to the ground, it is evident that we need to fix our tent in some way. For this, we have the ballasts. Basically, they are 13kg horseshoe-shaped weights each.You have to place them on the leg plate, and that’s it. It is best to place at least one weight on each leg.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase two weight boxes for folding tents. Each box has two weights, so by buying two, we would be covered. In any case, you always have to watch the weather, because if a strong wind picks up, even the best ballasted tent can fly off. Therefore, it is best always to pick up your folding tent if a storm is coming.

  1. Ground Bars for Folding Tent

The American tent floor bars are a very useful accessory. It is a set of bars with clamps to join them to the structure. When installed, they form a complete frame with all legs. In this way, the rigidity and robustness of the assembly are notably increased. It is a recommended accessory for people who install their tents in areas with a difficult climate.

  1. Folding Tent Curtains

In this case, some people have doubts. They never know if it is worth buying a complete tent or just buying a folding tent with a roof and frame. However, the truth is that it all depends on how we use the tent. If we are going to mount it at a fair with clients, it is normal that we do not need the side walls. Having a covered space from the sun to show our products to potential customers is usually enough.

  1. Half Curtain for Folding Tent

Are you going to set up a table with your products on display? Then a folding tent half curtain is ideal for you. It is like a plain curtain, but much smaller. It will allow you to cover your counter around the meter in height, leaving only the top cover visibleso you can store your stock under the table without being seen. And if you decide to label it, the result will be the most professional.