What a Chatbot Installation Can Do to The Business

The internet constitutes an important platform for the development and reputation of companies. Today, e-commerce is developing innovative technologies such as chatbot software to optimize customer management and to boost their activities.

What is the Chatbot?

The chatbot or conversational agent is a computer program that makes it possible to query a database with human language. This involves sending your request by instant messaging or by voice command to receive a response.

The software is integrated with a messaging interface to converse intelligently and naturally with human users. It answers questions left by Internet users.

The user interface is personalized and simplified. This simplification is due to robust algorithms capable of understanding the nuances and variations of spoken and written language. Some software can express their emotions or use humor during a conversation. Others are able to learn from previous interactions.

The programming of this robot is based on a series of questions and answers. This involves configuring all the requests that Internet users can send to the conversational agent and the associated responses.

Information Exchange Solutions

Information exchange takes place in both directions. Moreover, the user does not make enough effort to find the information he is looking for. He can enter for example a keyword to get what he is looking for. The chatbot can also contact the user in advance to present him with accurate information in a personalized way.

The importance of the chatbot for the marketing of a business

Studies have enabled researchers to realize that the chatbot is on the way to be essential in several areas, in particular in medical diagnosis, job search, hotel reservation, travel ticket or the purchase of well. The bot is used more and more in business strategy and on social media to help internet users achieve a lot.

The trend of this intelligent robot is spreading further in the development of digital marketing for brands. It is no longer a technology reserved only for research laboratories. Moreover, most companies plan to manage their customer services with software of this kind by 2020. Formerly, it only answered questions, but is now replaced by a more efficient program capable of sending personalized messages to Internet users.

Right Means for Communication

It constitutes a new means of communication which makes it possible to boost its business, it asserts itself more and more with e-commerce. Its main goal is to optimize consumer service for businesses and to respond effectively to consumer questions.

  • Internet users find it difficult to reach customer service as they often have to fill out forms on the website and wait for a possible response by email. In addition, the company must ensure the quality of the forms, at the risk of discouraging many users. A form that is too long, for example, wastes customers’ time.
  • The response to the consumer’s request may take a long time, which is unpleasant. Indeed, Those who are responsible for responding to messages are human, they prioritize urgent information because they cannot process it all at the same time.


The chabot solution makes it possible to deal with this situation. It is a conversational robot that answers simple questions, the answer of which does not require the presence of specialized agents. It has a database of pre-recorded questions and answers. Before answering a question, the assistant examines it and compares it with the ones in the database.