Web Designing And All You Need To Know About It

In today’s world, most of the work is done online, be it shopping or working, companies ate trying hard to get hold of the online market, which makes it necessary to develop good websites so that people are attracted to it. When websites are created by someone, the whole process is known as web design. Web designing isn’t easy as it includes a lot of elements including the layout of the webpage, content, and graphic design. Many people often get confused between the terms web design and web development.

5 tips to please your web page visitors

Here are a few points to be kept in mind before going for your web design.

  1. Customers appreciate quality and credibility. If they find the content to be good, they’ll stick to your web page otherwise they’ll just click the back button.
  2. Customers don’t have much time to go through a long article. Their eyes are continuously searching for the key content they are looking for. So make the content short, crisp, and to the point.
  3. As soon as customers find a site that can make them believe that it might help them in attaining the goal, they immediately click on that web page.
  4. Customers follow their guts.Most of the time, they just go through the webpage instead of reading it.
  5. Customers want to have control.They don’t lie it when they are on a page and it shows up another page’s website. They like to control bat hey want to see. Therefore, make sure that no new web page opens up when the customer is on your webpage.

Contents of a web page

Your web designer creates a plan of your site like Home page, About Us, Contact Us, etc. as per your need. Some of them are

  • Header

It consists of the heading of the web page content, mostly the company’s name

  • Logo

The company’s logo is to secure a place on the web page

  • Body

The body includes the content and images of the company and its services.

  • Footer

It is given at the bottom of the page with some useful information.

  • Sidebar

This is not mandatory you can use it or skip it.

Use of color

Using appropriate colors is also an essential part of web designing because you don’t want customers to find your website ugly. Colors attract the eyes more than words, therefore chose your color carefully. Choose your web design carefully.