Ways To Successfully Market Cloud Solutions- A Maketers’ Guide

Since the early digital age, the cloud service providers (CSPs) who do Hybrid Cloud Solutions have had and still have a tiresome task to win and protect markets’ shares. Under one management framework, the emergence and landscape evolvement of new cloud applications will likely emerge as hybrid solutions to unite both the private and public infrastructures. These shifting buying habits are an opportunity for marketers to tap on. Many businesses in Thailand have adopted cloud computing due to the massive benefits they gain. The cloud server Thailand will help marketing companies reach wider audiences and find success. To stand out in the ever-changing and robust market, Thailand marketers have to;

Leverage Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

This will not only enable one to target both customers and prospects but also upsell and grow the business. Adopting ABM strategy is a powerful way to drive the return of investment (ROI) from your marketing efforts, therefore, increasing the brand’s relevance. Matched audiences and account targeting will help one get in front of the decision-makers and contacts that matter most, which in turn enables one to be more visible and a stronger force within the cloud’s competitive landscape.

Fill in your customer’s storage gaps

By providing the platform for marketing and selling data management and hosting services, one can seal the holes in the customers’ storage. This can be done by filling in the gap and providing a more holistic service after understanding each unique need. Identifying target customer segments and markets will enable a marketer to focus their resources on the right customers. Marketers should develop winning value propositions and price them right and up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers to retain and increase their loyalty.

Position your organization as more than a cloud vendor

Even though consumer CSPs have made cloud computing a household name, when it comes to private, hybrid, and public solutions, there is a lack of cross-model expertise. Marketers should make known that they are more than just another vendor as CSPs have become an integral part of IT strategy. Purpose to showcase how your product will lead to more successful and stronger IT organizations by differentiating factors. By offering accessible support teams and remote management, executives will be at ease.

Find a niche

Every cloud service provider is competing completely with both small and large independent providers with their huge marketing budgets. Therefore, the cloud services marketplace is busy 24/7. The marketer needs to know what they will be specializing in or looking to market an all-in-one solution to decide what they will be providing. Finding a unique selling point will enable one to stand out from the pack.

High security on your cloud service

Helping customers understand that there is a high level of security that your cloud provides will prevent doubts from customers who think data centers are more secure. Marketers should educate customers on ways that your solution will provide enterprise-grade security that extends beyond the capabilities of the data center.

Clarify your cloud strategy

After gaining market maturity, marketers should gain stability by identifying the market they can serve best. This will clarify their cloud strategy which in turn will suit the market’s needs best. Therefore, they can guide their partners and target the right customers accordingly because their approach has clarity. This will enable them to market to the right customers and they may find their niche.

Highlight cost benefits

Almost 99% of cloud services are sold on a subscription. This enables marketers to advertise at a temptingly low price. Therefore, do your math and ensure your cloud services are offering benefits over ‘on premise’ systems especially when worked out over a sensible timescale.


As long as, new solutions are introduced to the market and competition continues to roar, cloud marketers have a huge responsibility ahead of them. Finding new and innovative ways to reach and educate your audience should be the priority of every cloud marketer as they need to stay ahead of the curve and continually seek to understand the ever-changing cloud market. The cloud server Thailand should also offer strong reassurances about data security and privacy. Therefore, giving the customers this assurance before they ask for them will show that you are one step ahead.