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Upselling Tips to Boost Your Revenue

Upselling is a sales technique where the client is offered a higher priced option or some add-on services to the product they are purchasing. For example, introducing content writing services to a customer looking for a website to be developed.

The process of upselling means more revenue generation by concentrating on the most valuable potential market, the current customers. Since acquiring new customers could cost you 5-25 times more time, money, and effort, than maintaining the contemporary ones. So, here a few tips on how to add greater value to your services:


Sub Logos

Rendering a sub-logo service by logo deisgner might be a good way to swell up the revenue from each project. Sub-logos include slight variation in design. Companies require them for different departments, for advertisement of different services offered, or for their child organizations. For example, there exists an MNC offering services like IT, marketing, finance, and advertisement. They may want service-based variations of their main logo (these branched departments are already a great example of upselling). Companies with sub-logos include BBC, FedEx, Virgin, etc.

Scenario Proofing a Logo

Though a good logo by logo deisgner would be situation, background color, and tone variation proof, even the best logos sometimes need help. One of the simplest upsells can be a logo variation for a canvas of darker or lighter shade. When final design has been agreed upon, a few alternate version might be required by the client to work in all settings.


Creating a logo is one of the initial stages of a company. Then comes the application of that design on uniforms, business cards, forms, signages, letterheads, etc. Why not offer your printing skills? Too busy? You can partner with a printing service provider and share the profit with them. Learn to grab an opportunity when you spot one.

Full Copyright

Depending upon the country you live in, you possess the creative rights to your work even if a client pays you. Upselling them additional rights to the logo through a documented contract can be profitable for you and assuring for them.


Usage Guide

Putting a price on your services is easy, but wisdom and skills you have mastery over are priceless. If your client is a substantially large firm with a need to continuously reuse the logo, then you can provide them with a user guide regarding the font, background colors best suited for the logo, etc.



Marketing Package

This may look like a lot of work, but is also insanely worth it in terms of revenue generation. If a company needs a logo from logo deisgner, chances are that they will also need a website, an app, branding, and a social media marketing agency for handling and creating content for their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. These services may look different but have one thing in common, creativity. Try learning these skills and branch yourself out to meet a greater degree of requirements of your clients.

Raising rates for services is very simple way to increase profit and that’s a cinch. But, while it is a very important thing to do, many wordpress development find it difficult to execute.