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Types of Affordable E-Bikes You Should Know

When it comes to finding a new electric bike pittsburgh pa, you should know that appearance is the last thing you should look for. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the general features of different models and choose one based on your preferences.

At the same time, it is vital to determine why you need a bike in the first place. It is vital to answer the questions on whether you want to get a bike for commuting or find the one that can handle both rough and even terrains.

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People that are new to cycling tend to choose a mountain bike because it seems exciting and familiar. However, you should purchase it only if decide to go on mountain biking, and instead, you should choose the one based on your preferences and needs.

We decided to present the different types of E-bikes that you should know so that you can find the one for your requirements.

1.Pedelec or Pedal Assist

The most popular and common solution when it comes to E-bikes is the pedelec or pedal assist type. They require pedaling, which means that you will get the same health and fitness benefits that come with regular bikes, but you will get an additional boost.

As soon as you start riding a pedal-assist electric bicycle, it would be best if you started with pedaling as a regular bike, but the motor on the rear or front will help you increase the speed and power you transmit by pedaling.

Your pedaling will take less effort than usual, which means that you will be able to handle steep hills without any additional problem. You can find models that come with settings that will allow you to enjoy them all the way.

According to statistics, it can reach up to fifteen miles per hour based on EU regulations. It also comes with a Class 1 designation, which means that you need to use it on paths and roads where regular bikes can go.

Therefore, you do not need a license to ride it, which is a convenient solution compared with other types.


Similarly, like a scooter or motorcycle, an electric bike that features throttle operation will provide you the forward propelling without a need for pedaling, which is essential consideration you need to remember.

They can provide you a significant amount of power depending on the model you get and how much you push a throttle. Generally, they are not as popular as pedal-assist models because they are forbidden in particular countries.

For instance, the EU requires an E-bike to feature the power to think that pedals are moving it forward and keeping it together.

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On the other hand, throttle bikes are more prevalent in the US and Canada compared with Europe. However, you will not get the same fitness and health benefits as pedal-assist models.

3.Speed Pedelec

It would be best if you had in mind that this particular E-bike type is similar to regular pedelec, but it can reach approximately 28 miles per hour, which is high speed compared with other options.

However, since it comes with high-speed capabilities, you need to license it before you decide to ride, which is why you should check out the regulations from your area before you make a purchase.

Mid Drive vs. Hub Motors

You should remember that the heart of every electric bicycle is an electric motor that can be located at two places, the frame of one of the hubs or the center. The location is also an essential consideration because it will determine how the bike will operate and its capabilities.

  • Front Hub Motor – The most straightforward and most affordable solution for E-bike design is a front hub motor, but you will get limitations regarding features and characteristics. They usually come with throttle systems because it is challenging to use pedal assist. After all, the motor is not part of the pedaling system. Of course, you can find folding bikes that feature a front hub engine and pedal assist, which means that you will be able to place a significant amount of weight on the rear wheel. Remember that cornering can be tricky significantly if you are accelerating because it is set at the front wheel. Since it comes with certain limitations, it is the least popular option you can find on the market.
  • Rear Hub Motor – On the other hand, a rear hub motor is perfect for both pedelec and throttle models, and you will get flip of switch systems that will provide you peace of mind. They are affordable, and their design is similar to traditional ones. However, they can create an unbalanced distribution of weight in the rear wheel, affecting handling and steering.

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  • Mid-Drive Motor – Finally, this particular type of motor placement means that you will have an even and balanced solution at the center of an electric bicycle. It will start with pedaling, which means that you can find them only with pedelec options. You can enjoy numerous benefits compared with a hub motor, which makes it the most popular solution compared with others. Since the mid-drive will provide you the additional torque, you will get evenly distributed weight that will not affect its performance. At the same time, you can use gears to boost the battery life, which makes it perfect for people who wish to use it for commuting or long trails.