Tranxition – A Extremely Fast and Efficient PC Migration Solution for Enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses, and IT Services Companies


When it comes to PC Migration, the main factors are speed, in-depth migration, and smooth process. Companies prefer to keep their processes efficient and fast, and when they are dealing with migrating hundreds of PCs, then it becomes mandatory to have services of such a tool that is top-notch in all the aspects of PC migration. One of the best migration platforms in the market is Tranxition that has served hundreds of companies in migrating their PCs with its out-of-the-box Migration Manager. Companies trust Tranxition Migration Manager owing to its magnificent performance in terms of speed, reliability, in-depth data extraction, and automated functionality. Migration Manager saves the time and resources with its zero-touch automated features, enabling a small IT staff to perform the migration of hundreds of PCs. Migration Manager has served a wide range of industries that includes manufacturers, financial firms, technology vendors, research labs, government agencies, and many more.

Tranxition PC Migration Solution for Companies

Tranxition Migration Manager provides super-fast migration where a 10GB user data is migrated in just 29 minutes. It is three times more efficient compared to free migration tools. Its applications are not just confined to be resourceful for big enterprises, but it also fulfills all the migration requirements of IT services firms and small and medium businesses. 

Migration Manager provides in-depth personas scanning, along with the automated process of adjusting settings to the new environment. The other key functionality of Migration Manager includes simple configuration, solid user interface, AES-256 encryption, remote execution, data changes before migration, ITSM integration (SSM, KACE, Ivanti, and more), and many more. Whatever migration requirements business demands, Tranxition expertise can facilitate those with Migration Manager.

Migration Manager Pricing

Since the Migration Manager is in demand everywhere, Tranxition has set up different pricing and licensing plans to make it convenient for businesses to choose the one thatmeets their requirements. Following are the details of all licenses:

  • Trial Period: Tranxition provides a fully-functional 30 days trial of Migration Manager to let users get a hands-on experience of Migration Manager.
  • Perpetual License: The perpetual license is meant to serve enterprises so that they can use the migration manager on a constant basis. The price starts at $19.99 per unit and can go as low as $17.50 per unit for 500 PCs migration. Upgrades, maintenance, and support are part of every maintenance agreement.
  • Per Use License: The per use license is best suited for IT services firms where they can buy block licenses for a one-year period. In this license, Tranxition provides custom license key to all of their customers. It includes upgrades and up to two technicians’ support.
  • Subscription-based License:The subscription-based license serves all kinds of customers. In this license, the per-seat payment is charged monthly, while the subscription plan in based annually. It includes a $45 initiation fee. The number of seats can be increased anytime. For 30 seats, the price per seat is $1.50/month, which saves around $18,000 in labor and time. All subscription plans include upgrades and support.