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Top 4 Tips For Marketing Your Event Efficiently

While planning an event such as a fundraiser or a small sale when you make DIY items can be extremely fun and even fulfilling, it only feels worth it when it reaches its full potential. There are a few ways to market your event to make it successful such as using apps and colorful illustrations elaborated below.

  • Make Email Lists

Make a mail list and broadcast a well-made poster along with information. You can send it in parts where you first only release that you are going to have a fundraiser. Then you can release the date and the theme. Next, you remind people about your event before the official event day. Keep your mail short and precise. Make sure it is attractive.

  • Personal Contacts

Personal contacts and word of mouth marketing is still considered one of the most effective ways to market. Make sure your group members promote your event as much as possible. Talk to your friends and family to also increase your reach. You can also use personal contacts to get sponsors for your events. Usually, such contacts tend to sponsor smaller events.

  • Local Media Outlets

You can reach out to local media outlets so they can publish about the event near your area. You need not publish a full press release but you can have a small advertisement for your event so more people come.

  • Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool to market your event. Putting up engaging stories and making memes on Facebook or Instagram. On Facebook, you also have the option to start an event and upload your updates there.

An app called Bestyn has been released where you can use it perfectly to market your event that is conducted on a small scale basis. While most social media is known to separate you from people around you, this application helps you to connect to these neighbors. It is very easy to use a design where an interactive messenger is present. The messenger chat will be available for you to even clarify doubts regarding your event. The app is created to send you notifications about events that are happening nearby.

The messenger app can also be used to ask for donations and give details regarding the same. When used properly this app is utilized very well to market an event. It will cover all the above suggestions, in one application.