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Top 3 Woocommerce Plugins to Elevate the Customer Experience

  • Woocommerce Product Addons

When you visit various eCommerce sites, you can select different colors, choose a different size, pin your delivery location on the map, select the gift wrapping option, and get an email as soon as the order is placed. All this is possible because the website has product add-ons to customize the product as well as give the customer, an effortless shopping experience. Woocommerce Product Addons allow you to add these plugins in a simplistic way. What are the main advantages of product addon?

  • They make the customer’s work easy by executing the function in just one click. No need for e-mails regarding size, color, etc.
  • They make the owner’s work easy by giving them a way to get all the types of customer input in a very efficient manner.
  • They are the best method to input the required product customizations. They offer varied methods to take the input for example:

Radio Button: Only 1 selection

  • Checkbox: Multiple selections
  • Text area: Input of more than 1 line
  • Date field: accept only date formats
  • Email Field: accepts only correct email format

This allows the owner to collect the input in a controlled approach. 

  • Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing

Don’t you get excited after seeing amazing deals on any product? These deals reach to you with the help of dynamic pricing. Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing lets the site add discounts to any product. There are many benefits of having this on board 

  • It is possible to select any range of products you want to apply the discount on.
  • The Product discount percentage can be given as well as you can set any fixed discounted rate.
  • If there are 2 discounts on any product, you can also prioritize the discount deals.
  • You can also label your discount, this will attract the customers toward the discount, hence increasing your sales.
  • Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor

After you place the order, do you keep on tracking the order? Is it packed? , is it dispatched? , What is the delivery date? You get to know all these things because of the checkout field editors. The Woocommerce Checkout field editor enables the company to add fields on the checkout page.

By enabling these functionalities, these 3 Woocommerce plugins are not only making the customer experience hassle-free but also making sure that the customers get satisfied while they shop and then shop again which increases the customer base of that website. Hence, we can say that these three Woocommerce plugins elevate the customer experience.