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Tips for building a good website 

In addition to creating a functional and user-friendly website it must also be designed in a way that will engage users. On top of that it must be built so that it can be easily found by the various internet search engines. Following are some of the tips to consider as you come up with an exceptional user experience for your customers.

Choosing a domain and host

When choosing a domain name, you want it to represent your brand accurately while also being short enough that it can be easily remembered by your potential customers. A unique domain name might also help it remain memorable, but be careful not to go too far. Choosing a domain that is relevant to your business and the way people search for you can help ensure that it shows up for branded terms when users are browsing online search engines. Ensuring that your website shows up increases the accessibility to your site by online customers. 

With regard to hosting, one should consider whether the site will be filled with pictures or videos, have in house or outside support, back up and security features on offer and an idea of the amount of traffic you are expecting. There are a number of hosting platforms available to choose from but you’ll want to make sure your hosting provider meets the demands of your website.

Compatibility with different browsers

As you build your website it is essential that it is compatible with several different browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. You should ensure that your site is able to load up properly on all different browsers and this includes the older version of these browsers. Not doing so, may end up excluding a large number of your prospective users.

Incorporation with social media

In this day and age, it is essential to integrate your site with social media because the sharing of information is made quick and convenient. Social media is like online word of mouth advertising and this can be very advantageous. Content such as images or videos related to your product can be distributed easily on various platforms such as Twitter and Instagram simply with the addition of share buttons for your users to easily repost your information. In addition, you can readily display online reviews from customers.


When coming up with your web design, make sure your developers install analytics or other software on the backend to keep track of traffic on your site, be it on desktops or mobile devices. You can analyze and use this data to gain valuable information about your users.Analytics give you insight into the kind of customers who frequently visit your website, pages they visit, where they come from. Knowing this information will help you adjust your website to better serve your customers, and can even help you market to them more effectively. One of the most commonly used tools for this is Google Analytics.

Original content

During website designing, it is imperative to come up with original and high-quality content about your business. Search engines have continued to fine tune their algorithms and it’s no longer sufficient to just create content with a bunch of keywords thrown in. The content you generate should be geared towards important keywords for your business, while focusing on creating valuable information that your users want to read. The use of good keywords and quality content are factors that can help improve your ranking on search engines. Come up with relevant topics or headlines that will help a user quickly find the specific kind of information they are looking for and make sure it answers their questions. 

To wrap it up

There are a lot of factors to consider when you begin the process of designing and building your website. For many businesses this is a once or twice in a lifetime endeavor so you want to be sure that you’ve done your research and choose an agency or individual that can help ensure your website will set your business up for success and growth online.