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Tiktok and the Best Options for You Now

There are many types of social networks and each one is liked by a type of user; Facebook tends to attract older people, while Twitter users tend to be younger. Teens are looking for something more light-hearted and until August of last year they preferred the app, where they mostly shared choreographies of short music videos in an evolution of karaoke. But the company was bought for more than 800 million euros by the Chinese Byte Dance and in August last year user data migrated to TikTok, an application that absorbed.

What is Tiktok

Tiktok is a social network in which videos of all kinds are shared with a minimum duration of 15 seconds and a maximum of one minute in which music is usually very important, although what is shown are not only music videos but there are also narration, something like a combination. Converting the latter to TikTok was a non-traumatic step for its users, who naturally integrated into the new options. Choreographies -even those performed with fingers, a whole subgenre typical of TikTok, jokes (both innocent and full of bile) and montages that simulate special effects prevail. Nor should we forget the challenge videos, which fill the network during the days that become fashionable. Do you know how TikTok Ads works?

A few Words About It

TikTok is in 150 countries around the world. It was launched in September 2016 and from the first moment it had a spectacular growth in China, where it is called Douyin. In July 2018, prior to the purchase of other apps, it had 500 million users. Currently, in Android the application has more than 500 million downloads and is number 2 and in the App Store it is number 6 in photo and video applications.

How TikTok Works

To be able to work with videos you have to register and TikTok offers several options: with a phone number, an email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Then the app shows the most popular videos of how many have been uploaded to the platform, taking into account the ones the user has seen; These are sliding up and down to see new videos or those of the profiles that the user is following. On the right are the options to go to the video user, like, comment, share the video and add it to favorites. This is why in case of the tiktok likes you can have the best options in online business marketing now.

  • At the bottom is the main menu, with access to ‘Start’, the ‘Discover more videos’ option using hashtags, notifications and the user’s profile, as well as a button to start creating a new video.

One of the strengths of the application is precisely the facility to record and edit videos with different effects and add music to them from what is in the application or on the phone. You can change the recording speed (the most common thing is that the end result goes to fast motion) and there are dozens of effects in the form of stickers that range from shamelessly tacky to gloomy elegant, going through cartoonish fun and even the most obvious folkloric.