The Three Most Used Photo Editing Programs

If you are looking for programs to edit photos, here, we leave you some recommendations to work your RAW, prepare your photographs to upload them to your blog or social networks, and manage your photo library.

In this article, we will detail those that are the best photo editing programs, some free, others paid by a quite affordable subscription for the possibilities they offer.


Gimp is a free photo editor available for most platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows. The fact of being free makes more and more users choose to use it as a favorite editing program, especially users who are starting and do not want to pay the price of the Adobe program.

Gimp is often used for quick tasks if you do not want to complicate your life, for example, to erase people or objects from a photograph, prepare an image to upload to your website or social networks, place a watermark or simply crop it.

Edit Photos With Photolemur

The best thing about Photolemur is its scalability; it can serve both a beginner photographer and be the best option for professional photography with Lightroom.

Its layered editing system allows you the absolute freedom to edit images, local settings, layer masks, impossible cuts like the hair of your models, and many more tools to Unleash your creativity.

Camera RAW And Adobe Bridge

It is very similar to Photos and Lightroom, its engine and sliders are identical, but you need a program like Adobe Bridge to manage the image library. Those who use it argue that Camera Raw does not create an additional file as Lightroom does where it saves the development settings. Check out

In this way, even if the brand stopped supporting or updating the program, you would still have the edited photographs, which, if it happened in Adobe, you would have to continue using Lightroom to recover the development settings.