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The rising popularity of OTG USBs

Have you ever wanted to create a separate back up of your images, videos or other files from your phone? Or, do you want to provide someone else with files from your phone while on the go?

If the answer is yes, you’re one of many, which is why we’re seeing a rise of OTG USB flash drives – simply meaning “On The Go”. These USBs can connect to your phone directly, without the need for a cable, adaptor or even a computer. What’s more they’re small, easily portable and rather handy for a variety of reasons. 

Branding opportunity

USBs in general make for a great branding opportunity, but the OTG USBs are even more useful. Items which can be reused time and time again, especially tech-based items prove to be the perfect opportunity for businesses to get their brand seen time and time again. Most USBs can be printed on or laser engraved, and you can even pre-load data on to these devices, so when you give them out at events, you know that prospective clients can access and view all the content you’ve provided them with on their way home via their mobile device!

Reasons to invest in an OTG USB

Because these handy devices don’t need an internet connection to work, they’re perfect for people who work on the field. Whether you’re a sales or marketing person who needs to supply a client with documents quickly, while the lead is “hot”, or if you’re a content creator who is always filling up your phone or cloud storage, these devices are for you!

Not only are OTG USBs ideal for sharing and backing up your phone data, as you might expect, they are perfect for allowing you to access files and review documents you’ve been sent while on the go too. 

For people in remote locations who don’t have internet, or incredibly slow internet, it provides a means to supply people with photos and files that they might not otherwise be able to supply.

Other benefits

There are a whole host of other benefits to OTG USB flash drives and even adaptors. Not only can you connect to a USB and access and transfer files, you can also connect external hard drives. You can even control your phone if you have a wireless (USB connected) computer mouse or keyboard, or play with video game controllers, print directly from your phone and control your DSLR camera. 

There are so many options to choose from!

Is your phone compatible?

Unfortunately, not all phones are compatible. However, you can easily check by downloading the free OTG checker app, which can be used to scan your phone for OTG support and can be uninstalled once the check is complete. 

You may also be able to download an OTG driver to install this function if your phone doesn’t already have it, but it’s recommended that you check with the manufacturer of your phone before trying this.