The Rising Popularity of Kik and its Usernames

Social media interaction is what governs most of our lives. We spend a lot of our time on social media. Communication is a human tendency and seeing this tendency, many companies and app developers have developed many social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, etc. These social media platforms encourage people to communicate, chat, send photos and videos, etc.

The Kik Messenger has been receiving a lot of popularity and attention nowadays especially among teens. Kik is a platform that facilitates chatting, sharing videos and pictures just like any other social media account. Kik users have unique Kik usernames using which they are identified on the platform. If someone does not know your username, he/she cannot contact you on Kik. This itself shows how important is the username while using Kik Messenger.

This article is aimed at sharing relevant information about Kik Usernames.

What is the Importance of this Username?

Your username is the most important information on Kik. It is through your username that someone can find you. Kik does not use any other personal data such as real name, city, phone number, etc. to find a user on Kik. Therefore, you must have a good username set as soon as you join Kik. Once you start starting with anyone, that person would be able to see your real name.

Why is it Important to choose a unique username?

  1. A unique username is a bliss on Kik. As your username is the only key t identify your account on Kik, your username mustn’t match with anyone else. If t does then there can be confusion and your information may be conveyed to some other person.
  2. The second reason for having a unique username for your Kik account is to prevent unwanted messages and prevent your account from being hacked. Kik is relatively safer than other social media platforms which reveal a lot of information about you publicly. This is not the case with Kik. Once you have a unique username, you can be assured that you won’t receive messages or requests from unknown people or the people you haven’t provided your username too. Also having a unique username can prevent hacking as hackers often use usernames to hack into others’ accounts.

Safety Advice 

Children mustn’t share their Kik usernames openly on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This would encourage unwanted messages and the child being exposed to adversities. The breach of privacy is compromised.

Our safety is in the hands of us. This age is the social media age, but we should not forget that even the social media that does so much good to us can become our enemy. So whenever we use platforms like Kik to interact with others, we must maintain safety from our side.