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The Perfect Options for the Mesh Lighting Now

As a natural extension of the home, the modern garden is a perfect interface between the outside world and the home. To highlight the terrace, the trees and the facade, nothing like a beautiful outdoor illumination. Practical and aesthetic, modern accessories can meet all your needs, safety, comfort, design. Some tips to enlighten you. The wireless lighting systems come useful there.

Outdoor lighting: comfort and safety asset

Lighting your garden with mesh lighting is first to protect your home and secure access. By lighting the gate, the main entrance and the garden passageways, you not only deter potential thieves, but also maximize the visibility of your movements around the house. For optimum comfort, follow the guide:

When it comes to car access to your home, instead install light posts one or two meters from the entrance: they provide a clear landmark on arrival and departure. Some models are equipped with presence detectors, others are triggered when the gate opens, depending on your needs;

To make pedestrian access safer at home, remember to illuminate steps and risers as well as possible obstacles: use illuminated bollards or recessed luminaires. You can also light the handles and locks with appliques or spots. The lighting should be optimal: neither too powerful nor too weak, it should not dazzle but limit the shadows as much as possible. Therefore, choose steerable models or reflector models, whose beams will cover the entire surface of the soil without consuming too much energy. Think also about wireless detectors, also more economical. In case of the wireless lighting systems this is important now.

For lighting living areas, walkways, terraces, shelters, spas or pergolas, there are now decorative spots for all tastes and at all prices that will perfectly extend the secure lighting access. Indulge yourself, and in any case, opt as much as possible for LEDs and solar lights: they are more ecological, easy to install and less energy consuming.

Outdoor lighting: combining the useful with the aesthetic

In addition to its practical and reassuring function, outdoor lighting is an enhancement tool that offers infinite design possibilities. Intimate atmosphere, oriental exoticism or bucolic warmth, make your garden a real cocoon by enhancing your home, terrace and vegetation. Some tracks to find your style:

First, it is necessary to emphasize the house. To do this, you can illuminate the facade with recessed downlights or halogen lamps discreetly integrated into the vegetation. You will sublimate your home and day and night. If you opt for a more refined style, play with the hollows and projections of the architecture: the roof, window sills, cornices, balconies. Orientable spotlights or some light sticks well placed and voila!

Then, illuminate the terrace and the places of life (shelters, spa) 

These are convivial spaces to privilege. It is about magnifying your home by extending the warm atmosphere of the interior. To do this, start by marking the outlines with recessed downlights.