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The Joy in Finding Gamers

Playing alone can get very tiring. Imagine doing your very best to carry your team and no matter how hard you try, your team still ends up losing. Every time you play you’ve got AFK teammates, feeders, teammates who’ve got no idea what to do, teammates who don’t contribute at all, and the most deadly, poor internet connection.

There’s not much we can do about the internet, but Gank can help you when finding gamers you can rely on.

New Friends                                   

One of the beauties of going to Gank to look for teammates that are reliable is you get to meet new people. Some of which even become your friends. There have been lots of stories out there on the internet about gamers who started out as complete strangers but end up being the bestest of friends. There is a story of a group of friends who have never met any other in person but when they heard about one of them becoming very sick, they decided to travel and every one of them visited him. One of the best stories out there.

If you manage to befriend them, you may even get to play with them again, this time free of charge. Depends on the experience though. If they enjoy your company, they may just want to go for another round.

Makes Games Easier

If they do become your partner in games, you’ll find ranking up much easier. You’d have one reliable teammate. That’s better than having none. You’ve got someone you know is able to help in team fights, someone who could help you kill a Nergigante, someone who could help you gather resources to build a mansion. Everything becomes easier, less stressing, and faster when you’ve got a partner by your side.

It also makes games seem less tense and more relaxing because you’ve got a friend playing with you, talking with you. Take Minecraft for example. It may seem like nothing more than a kids’ game but when you enter the caves, it becomes a bit scarier. The silence, the eerie sound effects, the bats that suddenly fly straight into your face. There’s a lot of scary things in Minecraft caves. But when you’ve got a friend to play with, all of it goes away. Their voice masks out those unnerving sound effects, and you’ve got someone behind your back. You can be sure that no Creeper or Baby Zombie is going to sneak up behind you and kill you, losing a stack of diamonds in the process.

Learn New Things

Not only do you get to meet new people, you get to learn new things as well. Some of the players you may encounter might belong to a different country. You could learn a thing or two on how to communicate with them, pick up a new language. You could get to learn more about their culture and if you plan on befriending them, more about their personal as well. This will help you build a bond with them and make it easier to connect with them.

If they’re a special bunch of people like cosplayers or E Girls, you could even ask for advice from them if you plan on pursuing a career similar to theirs. You could ask how they manage their time, what it feels like to work in their careers, and many more. Playing and making friends out of complete strangers is definitely surreal especially on the first time. But once you get to meet more of them, you’re going to enjoy it. Start now on Gank.