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The Finest Choices for Copier Leasing


There is currently a wide range of models. Professional photocopiers are therefore available at all prices, from a few hundred euros to several thousand. From the Copier Lease Center you can have the best choices now. The main equipment offered by manufacturers and distributors are:

Monochrome, that is to say, which only allow the black and white copy

Color: you can copy in color and black and white

Analogical: it is the classic photocopier, which tends to disappear in favor of digital photocopiers

Digital: they are connected to the company’s computer network and allow a large number of operations

Multifunction: they copy, print, scan and fax documents, in black and white and / or in color

These photocopiers are able to process A4 sizes, ie standard sheets of paper. Some of them accept A3 formats. For larger formats, A1 and A0 in particular, you will need a duplicator.

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  • Determine your needs

To choose the right equipment, you need to know your needs. 

For that, try to estimate, by month and by user / service / office:

  • The number of color prints: if it’s casual, limit yourself to a black and white photocopier. Color prints are more expensive than monochrome.
  • The number of black and white prints.
  • The number of prints in A4 and A3 format.
  • The needs of your employees: sharing digital documents on the network and by email, printing confidential documents, sending and receiving faxes, printing color photos or color graphics boards.
  • With this information, you will be able to estimate the print volume that your copier needs to be able to make. Namely that copies and color prints are on average 10 times more expensive than black and white; they are also longer to shoot.

In any case, most experts believe that:

  • Up to 3000 copies per month, you need a standard photocopier with a speed of about 20 ppm (ppm)
  • Between 3,000 and 25,000 copies per month: 20 to 45 ppm
  • Greater than 25,000 copies per month: 75 ppm and over

Need a professional Photocopier?

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Evaluate your budget

The price of a photocopier depends on different criteria. And at this price, you have to add the consumables one:

The paper

Ink cartridges: when it is used little, liquid ink tends to dry and it will change the cartridge. That is why it is often advisable to opt for a black and white photocopier, unless, of course, you have real needs in color printing

  • Toner: this powdered toner costs more than cartridges, but it does not dry and has a long life
  • The drum: it changes after a certain number of copies. Its replacement is often included in maintenance contracts
  • Staples: some photocopiers can automatically staple the sheets at the end of the print run