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The Dolls You Would Like to Choose: The Best Ones

It is the darling toy of little girls, all generations. With it, the child will discover the world of adults by reproducing the gestures of his parents. Her doll will also allow her to convey all her emotions (good and bad) which will help her grow and gain self-confidence. From mommy adventures you can find the best choices now.

First of all, here are some practical tips to make a good purchase:

Choose a branded doll

They are the only ones able to guarantee you a manufacture without risks for your child and a good duration. The big brands have an after-sales service. Check it on the internet or see if it says on the box.

CE marking

It indicates on the boxes, gives the products the right of free movement throughout the territory of the European Union.  It “assumes” compliance with current requirements but does not constitute a guarantee of safety. So trust the brand name toys. Please note, the indication “not suitable for a child under 36 months” means that the doll is supplied with small accessories that can be ingested. Take it into account.

Choose the right size

To find the right doll at the right size, one of the doll makers specifies that a doll must not extend beyond the tips of the fingers to the bend of the elbow of the little girl so that she can play with it. The age indicated on the box does not always confirm this.

Offer a choice of dolls

In order not to go wrong (birthday, party, Christmas), offer your little girl a choice of dolls either on the catalog or on the web. She will tell you her preference right away.

Choose a light doll

And if you have to choose it, take it light, with a pretty smiling head and big eyes (leave aside those called “with character” they do not appeal to children who are too small).

Play the competition

Don’t rush at the first doll you see. Take a stroll among toy stores or websites. The price differences are sometimes surprising.

Which doll for which age?

What doll for what age 2

Because of his fun looking at you, your little one ( 6-8 months ) loves human faces! The first doll will be made of fabric with a soft plastic face. Taking, light (and washable of course) it will be small so your baby can the catch easily.

  • And since this is the age when he bites everything, better to choose an organic doll (that is to say without treatment with pesticides).


From 18 months to 2 years old, it’s the crazy love of infants’ plump, chubby, hairless, smelling babies with baby accessories (diaper, bottle, bib, and pacifier). They are hyper-cuddled, pampered, kissed and they will take them everywhere, whether on weekends, or on vacation, to grandpa-mammy’s, friends or the nanny.

Some are gendered. This in no way affects the enthusiasm of their little mothers who dress them all the same as a girl.

Children also love babies who bathe with them. No problem with strong-bodied swimmers. But there are babies with tender bodies who can take water because they are filled with polystyrene balls (fun to patrol.) Which dry quickly.

Classic dolls

Dressed like the little girls of today, with combable hair (very important), fosters the imagination because they have no defined function. They will alternately be wise or turbulent, studious or dunces, nice or mean and will comply with all the whims of the little girl (it’s crazy what they receive as spankings.). They are the favorites and confidants of the little girls (3-5 years old)  who will spend a good part of their childhood with them.