The Comparison between MI Band 3 and MI Band 4

MI Band lines are one of the many reliable fitness trackers that are increasing in popularity in Sri Lanka. Not only are they quite affordable, but they also come with truly useful features. 

If you are into the band, you have many good options. But it also makes your job tougher because you need to compare variants within the same brand. And now, with Xiaomi MI Band 4 available in Sri lanka, can you decide which one to buy? 

Is it going to be MI Band 3 or MI Band 4?

The Display 

With Xiaomi MI Band 4 ready for its global launch, you have a tough decision: stay with MI Band 3 or buy the latest device? Well, when it comes to display, you can expect the biggest and also the most significant change for the upgrade. Whereas MI Band 3 comes with standard small display screen (128 x 80 resolution in 0.78 inches display), MI Band 4 is coming with bigger screen (120 x 240 resolution in 0.95 inches). And instead of the regular black and white in MI Band 3, the new MI Band 4 would be in color screen.

The colored screen is claimed to make the fitness tracker device looks more attractive. And it is expected that the vivid screen will also help you see better. For MI Band 4, Xiaomi includes 77 clock face types so you can freely customize the look.

The Design

The most significant change is the display and its size. For the design, both MI Band 3 and 4 look almost the same. The thin and long silicone bands have only a slight difference on the weight. MI Band 3 weights only 20 grams while MI Band 4 weighs 22 grams. The good news is that you can use straps from MI Band 3 for MI Band 4. It gives you the flexibility and freedom to look different every time. 

The Features

Both devices have a capacitive button to not only choose certain features, but also wake up the screen. Both of them are located at the bottom area, under the display screen. You can take it for a swim because the waterproof feature enables you to take it under up to 50 meters. But the device isn’t for diving or long submerging activity. It’s always wise to leave your fitness tracker in the locker when you are swimming – unless you are sure that you can keep your hands above the water most of the times. 

Both devices share almost similar features, including a heart rate monitor, automatic exercise tracking modes (like running or cycling), and step tracking. Both don’t have any GPS system either. Both can also last for around20 days after a full charge.

However, MI Band 4 has a new (six-axis) sensor which can deliver more automatic and accurate swim tracking. It can monitor Medley, Butterfly Stroke, Backstroke, and Freestyle. This is crucial if you are into swimming so much or you are an athlete. If you don’t swim that often, this feature would be useless. 

Basically, MI Band 4 and 3 are almost the same despite the different display and accurate sensor. It is up to you whether you want to choose the 4 or the 3 – only you can make the decision based on your needs.