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User behavior on the Internet has changed dramatically. The democratization of mobile devices and ever faster Internet access have redesigned Web search, especially for the new generation, which is now carrying out a very different Internet search than in the past. The study of behavior on search engines like Google or Bing has also adapted. For the proper SEO San Antonio this is important.

Indeed, we are no longer looking on the Internet only from his living room with a desktop computer, but also and more and more with a tablet or smartphone, from anywhere and spontaneously according to a need. Whether it’s to find a restaurant open in Strasbourg, a good car dealership in Paris or a confectionery shop in Lille, the local search is used almost without limit. Marketing professionals must rethink strategies and take into account the profound changes in the field of SEO, including the increasing importance of local SEO.

Local SEO and its optimization for regional companies

For that, it is important to do the maximum in order to be found by the target group. For local SEO, optimizing the web presence for local search is central, the goal being to be able to appear in the results of a local web query. Local SEO is part of the classic search engine optimization, which is becoming increasingly important.

The goals of local SEO

For local queries, Google lists the most popular companies highlighted on the results page. The goal of local SEO is therefore to have a place in the traditional “3 pack”: that is to say the three search results that are displayed by Google Maps.

SEO Google local

In a local search, Google puts the first three business listings ahead under the corresponding map of search results

The user thus finds the first results of the local search with in addition a precise link indicating the locations of the results on the map of Google Maps . In addition to location, information on opening times, contact details, notes and comments are also visible, allowing the user to make a decision. By clicking on the restaurant of your choice, additional information is displayed, such as the website of the establishment in the “Website” button, as well as the direction and travel options to get there the most quickly, by pressing the “Route” button.

There is also a specific local search (e.g. “restaurant Strasbourg”), where the user enters specific indications in terms of products, services or location (city, district or region) in the search bar. But if you do a generic search for a term (“restaurant”), Google can also provide an answer with local search results, based on the location of your IP address or through your Google Account if it is open.

Merging the Online and Offline Concepts

For several years, Google has gradually built local search results. More and more details and features appear as you go along. A Google study provides just background information on this topic.