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Telecommuting: How to Get More Things Done While Working From Home in 2021


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global community witnessed a historic shift in the job market. Although work from home is just an office perk offered by some companies, most businesses have become a norm in 2020. According to a survey, the number of workers permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021.

Why Remote Work Is Here to Stay

As said, work from home is not a new concept. Telecommuting has been around for a number of years, and it is an extremely popular office perk among millennial workers. The benefits of this revolutionary work set up extend to both employees and employers.

With millions of companies forced to implement remote work amid the pandemic, a lot have seen the future of their business offering remote work set up indefinitely. And here are some of the reasons why:

  • Less office space. It has been predicted that the need for large physical office space will eventually become a thing of the past. Not only does a work from home set up help cut back overhead costs such as rent and utilities, but most office tasks can actually be accomplished remotely.
  •  It requires more engagement. Since working remotely poses difficulty in highlighting one’s professional achievement, employees are more likely to put in extra effort to amplify their engagement so that they will have access to new opportunities at work.
  •  Positive effect on performance management. Telecommuting has revolutionized performance management significantly. Nowadays, the focus is not so much on time rendered at work, but if one was able to accomplish tasks on time. The multitude of digital tools made it easier for management as well to monitor employee efficiency.

From an employee’s perspective, there are plenty of advantages to remote work. It means no commuting expenses, flexibility, and you get to work on your pajamas. Nonetheless, this kind of work set up comes with challenges as it can be easy to get distracted with domestic duties and friends dropping by.

To help you navigate your work from home arrangement, here are some helpful tips to keep you productive at work.

Tips to Be More Productive With Remote Work

Identify What Needs to Be Done for the Day

In almost everything that we do, having a schedule is important , especially when it comes to our job. Create a list of the tasks you need to accomplish each day to stay guided. Consider doing it a night before going to sleep. Having visualized your daily tasks helps you stay on track and motivated to get everything done within the day, even when you get interrupted.

Use Cloud Storage

The advances in digital technology made remote work set up more convenient as possible. Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox allows you to upload important work files, and access them anywhere and whenever you need them. All you need is an internet connection and a reliable laptop, and you are all set!

Get Dressed

A lot of long-time home-based workers agree that getting dressed for the day as if heading for work plays a crucial role in one’s productivity. These simple tasks of taking a shower and dressing properly remind you that you are still at work even when you are lounging on the sofa or browsing the internet. You do not have to choose a fancy dress; a casual shirt and comfortable pants could do the trick.

Set Boundaries With Family

While working from home means flexibility and a chance to be present at the house 24/7, it does not mean that you are available all the time. Talk with the members of your household and make them aware of your schedule. Let them know not to disturb you at certain hours. The same thing goes for your friends. Let them know that weekends are a much better time to hangout.

Invest in a Comfortable Home Office

It cannot be overemphasized the value of having a comfortable home office. It does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars, though for renovation. Simply find a quiet, well ventilated and lighted space, invest in an ergonomic table and chair, and consider buying a desktop gaming computer as it can perform more accurately with less lag.

Final Word: Enjoy Flexibility

While a remote work set up offers flexibility that most of us love, not everyone is a fan or familiar with this work set up. Nonetheless, regardless if this is temporary or permanent, do not forget to stop and smell the roses. Give time for yourself to get out of the house and do the activities you love.