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Technology of Mobile Phone Case

Many people think that the mobile phone case is a simple thing. It should not be difficult to make it. But do you know the spraying techniques for the color of mobile phone cases? Today, we will talk about the subdivision of the spraying process of mobile phone shells. The ordinary shells had no color, or the color was adjusted during injection molding. So when we need some special design, spraying is needed to realize them.

Chameleon texture technology

Chameleon pigment can form bright and peculiar different colors and dynamic discoloration effects. Through absorption, reflection and refraction of light. Under the condition of different observation angles and light incident angles. Each piece of pigment will reflect colorful colors.

Monochrome metal texture spraying process

This is a popular metal clamp spraying process. It is to spray a silver primer with metallic texture once. And then spray a layer of red upper surface to show this high reflective brightness red. But this process requires dust-free environment and automatic spraying line. Making the effect meet customer requirements. On the surface, there is not much, but in fact there is a big difference in quality.

This effect can be achieved through special paint, which is a special style. As early as around 2000, Nokia had used this process in the shell when it produced 6110. People in those days did not have much special demand for the appearance. Nokia has begun to try various processes, including the pearlescent white coating process adopted by 8210.

Two-color gradient spraying process

The two-color gradual change process is to make the two colors present a gradual change effect on the mobile phone case. And there can be no strong color difference at the gradual change. In fact, this is a test of the spraying process. Because in the construction process from color mixing to spraying. If your color sense is insufficient, the sprayed color cannot meet the needs of customers. The earliest two-color gradual change process was made on the water drop shell and hand feeling two-color gradual change. But in recent years it has been used on TPU.

Spraying technology of Piano Paint

This spraying process has been a very popular one. However, not all manufacturers can do this process, because piano paint requires high surface smoothness. If it is a demanding customer, the surface cannot tolerate any defects. This has led many manufacturers to make mobile phone cases that do not meet the high requirements. Because the production environment and production process do not meet the standards. It can be understood that this spraying process is the same as that on our car. The bright mobile phone case has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The surface of this process is prone to oil stains and fingerprints. Today the bright and black texture can be completely realized in the mobile phone case through this process.

There are many kinds of painting techniques for mobile phone cases. And there are many kinds of mobile phone cases. We buy all kinds of mobile phone cases online, and the prices are different. It is more reassuring to buy it on the official website. For example, if you buy HONOR 20 case, the price on the official website is around £9. So it is no longer a problem to protect your mobile phone.