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Smart Portable Projector: A Necessity For Ideal Entertaining Life

Getting bigger and bigger, this is the dream of all screen entertainment fans. The immersive visual experience brought by the big screen is unparalleled, whether it is watching a movie with friends, watching an opera, or watching a football match and playing games. In the past two years, the rise of smart portable projectors has greatly changed consumers’ perceptions of traditional projectors. You could purchase a smart projector with a “large screen, excellent picture quality, HiFi and massive resources” at a reasonable price. 

However, some pros and cons of buying a smart portable projector need to be discussed before the real purchase.


Advantages Of Android Portable Projectors:

  • Experience The Big Screen At A Lower Price

For many people, home projectors are a relatively high threshold category. Some traditional large factories, such as BenQ and Epson, usually have multiple models of home projectors with excellent image quality, but they are generally more expensive and bulky. 

With the advent of smart projectors, many people can experience larger screen effects at a lower price. The two most famous smart projector brands on the market are XGIMI and NUT. Most of their products are only priced around US$400-800, which is very competitive in this price range and can bring customers a very good experience. 

  • Small Appearance, Easy To Install

Multi-purpose and portability are the main reasons why many people choose best 4k projector under 1000. After all, for many renters, a smart projector can save a lot of trouble, without the need for additional speakers or punching holes in the wall, and it can be taken away in a school bag, compared to the cumbersome steps of installing a TV. It saves time, effort and worry.. 

  • Internet Connection

The so-called “high Internet connectivity” is actually a smart operating system built into the projector, similar to the current network set-top box. You can directly install applications on the projector to watch various movies and TV resources, which is much more convenient than traditional projectors. 

It can be said that smart projectors enable many people to experience the fun of large screens with lower barriers to entry, but sometimes smart projectors are cheap and convenient, and some things are sacrificed.Untitled

Disadvantages Of Android Portable Projectors:

  • Image Quality

Although the nominal resolution of some flagship features can reach 1080p, the resolution of most smart projectors on the market can only reach 720p, which is far from the expected high-definition image quality, especially when you are zooming in to 100 inches When, some fuzzy pixels will be very obvious.

  • Time Limitation

At present, the nominal brightness of most smart portable projectors on the market may be less than the actual brightness. This kind of brightness will not have a big impact at night, but if it is in natural light during the day, the details and color performance of the screen will be greatly affected. 

  • More Fuselage Noise

The projector usually needs a high-power light source to project images, which naturally generates a lot of heat, so the projector usually has a small fan built-in to dissipate heat. Traditional projectors are relatively large, so a larger diameter fan can be used, and the fan blades can also optimize the noise reduction effect. A smart projector with a small appearance cannot install a large fan inside, so the speed can only be increased to increase the heat dissipation capacity. 

  • Placement Is Not Flexible

Although the smart projector can be plugged in and used, there are still some limitations on where it can be used. If you want to project a large enough picture, you need a large enough house and the entire blank wall. For many small families and renters, this is still a requirement.

Many smart projectors support zoom and keystone correction functions. These functions can be called “side projection”, but mainly at the expense of image quality or size. In order to get a perfect image, it is best to place it in the middle of the room or lift it up, which is no different from a traditional projector.Untitled

Is it worth buying?

We mentioned at the beginning that as a device that integrates projectors, speakers and resource libraries, smart projectors have indeed greatly reduced the threshold for using projectors. However, this kind of smart projector also has some problems, such as the general resolution and the brightness cannot satisfy the use in the daytime with strong light. 

In any case, if you are suitable for the following situations, then a smart portable projector will be your best choice:

There is enough space in the house, the whole wall.

You want to experience the big screen.

For the picture quality, you are satisfied with 1080p high-definition.

Do not need to be used in bright outdoor daylight environment. 

Then, there are various smart projectors on the market, and you can choose one according to your needs. If you want to buy, it is strongly recommended that you use XGIMI, because XGIMI has established its own reputation and brand image in the highly competitive market. By the way, its new product XGIMI HALO has been a breakthrough to bring about the brighter ever experience in projection. Don’t hesitate to buy it.