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Smart iPhone repair As Per Your Requirement Now

As we all know, the iPhone is a reliable device. Its sale generates 70% of the turnover of the Apple brand. However, like all other lines of smartphones, it does not escape wear and tear. Fall, overvoltage, shock, humidity, defective components are all factors which are also the source of technical failure of the iPhone. In this guide, we will introduce you to the most common failures of this device.

IPhone battery life issue

The battery of an iPhone has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Beyond this period, it may show wear, which explains the loss of autonomy.

It also happens that a bad habit accelerates the failure of iPhone batteries. In most cases, you plug your device into a charger while its battery is not yet dead. Over time, your iPhone battery loses its autonomy. For iPhone screen repair also the options are open.

The battery life problem can also be linked to the deterioration of one of the components of the device. When the charging port is faulty, your iPhone battery is not being charged properly. In some cases, the charging cable may show signs of wear.

Is your iPhone having a battery life issue? Remember to check all these probable causes of this technical failure before considering replacing the battery of the device. The intervention of a professional is a reliable and effective solution to have your iPhone repaired.

Black screen on iPhone

Is your iPhone screen black while the device is on? Note that the lack of display (or black screen) is not normal. Usually, this malfunction is caused by the following cases:

  • a software bug
  • a manufacturing defect in one of the components of the device

Apart from these technical failures, the fall of the device can also be the source of a black screen of the iPhone. In this specific case, the shock caused the battery to move, which caused the loss of energy.

Rest assured, this problem is not always irreversible. Have the reflex to turn off and then turn on your iPhone. If this tip does not correct the problem, the failure may be more serious. Avoid venturing to disassemble your device at all costs. It is better to seek professional help to diagnose the cause of the black screen and repair the device. 

IPhone ignition problem

Trying unsuccessfully to turn on your iPhone, but you can’t? Before concluding that it is a technical fault, check the location of the battery and press the Power button. All these iPhone tips don’t work? The iPhone ignition problem can be caused by the following cases:

  • tampering with the iPhone’s motherboard 
  • battery wear
  • the failure of the Power button

In some cases, the problem with iPhone turning on is due to a power surge. Be careful, the variation of the electric current can damage several components of the device.