Shared Web Hosting – Is It Beneficial For Your Business?

When going in for a web hosting service, the commonly opted and sought options are shared, dedicated and VPS hosting. Usually, depending on the size, need and traffic that your site is requiring, you can choose among any one. 

Talking particularly about the Shared Web Hosting, it’s a type of hosting wherein a single web server provides services and resources to many websites who have their own domain name. Many small scale websites as well as newbies opt for shared web hosting as its easily affordable and provide adequate parameters fulfilling their requirements. 

According to SeekaHost CEO – Fernando Raymond, Shared web hosting is beneficial for those sites which do not have scaling demands and have reasonable traffic at their doorstep. Moreover they can avail the following benefits:


  • Cost Effective


As the name implies Shared Hosting, since the sites share a common web host, so the cost is also being shared. Anyone and everyone can afford to go for its cheap prices.


  • Featured packed


Since there exists numerous web hosts offering shared hosting, there is a constant tug of war among these providers to pull the customers towards them by offering lucrative features, dropping prices and providing unlimited resources.


  • Managed by Professionals


Those owning a website,have prime interest towards establishing their company and gaining traffic. They don’t want to get into technicality and issues related to software, hardware, backups, security and all. In Shared Web Hosting all this is handled by the host provider itself. 


So does this make shared web hosting the most ideal or beneficial one? Well, ‘depends’! As we mentioned earlier, what are your business needs? Though shared hosting services have their own pros it does have loop holes which you must check below before going for the same.



  • Restricted Configuration


Since the entire server is managed by the host providers, your control over it becomes very restrictive. Few of them includes some types of file handling, default variables settings, scripts involved and much more.


  • Security Issues


Since there are multiple sites sharing a common server, there are risks or threats involved because of them. Moreover insecure configuration adds more to the security threat.


  • Customers Impact


As mentioned above, since there is lot of sharing involved, one website can get affected by the other. For instance if one website consumes more than the specified bandwidth, the other website may have trouble in loading. On the other hand if some website has non secure scripts, the effect will be on other websites too.

Final words, high traffic attracting large-scale websites must definitely opt for dedicated or say VPS web host providers so that there is no compromise on your market standards and demands. And those going for or already availing shared web hosting can continue with its benefits as long as it suffices your requirements else there is always a room for changing Web Hosting provider.

(Tip: discuss and get opinion from good web hosting providers, where the experts’ will guide and help you in choosing the best suitable option)