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 SEO Risks That Are Worth Taking

There are many myths about SEO, which means that people either don’t understand it, or they’re doing it wrong. When trying new things, SEO services in Melbourne and agencies find it challenging to determine which risks worth it or not. Here are a few SEO risks that are worth taking.

Changes That Can Be Tested

The point of SEO is to improve your rankings to get more traffic. If your site doesn’t rank well, you won’t get clicks. However, what happens when your site ranks well with particular keywords, but you still aren’t getting clicks?

This could happen due to different reasons; however, the only way to find out why your site isn’t performing well is to perform A/B testing. Look at each element of your site and test them against different variations. The problem could be in your keyword optimisation, the content, meta descriptions or titles.

The risk with A/B testing is that some variations might result in lost traffic. You’re making these efforts to increase your traffic, which is why it’s risky. However, once you find the elements that work well together, you’ll see an influx of traffic again.

Giving and Receiving High-Quality Backlinks

It sounds backwards to feature a link on your site leading to another business’s website, because then you’d lose traffic to their website. However, backlinks are effective enough that most businesses try to use as many as possible.

Using backlinks increases ranking and builds brand authority. Before you go into getting and giving backlinks, keep in mind that they need to be high-quality. If the links on your site lead to low-quality sites that look like spam, Google will penalize you.

Improving the URL Structure of Your Website

The URL for your homepage should be short and sweet – with the same name as your business. It makes your site easy to remember and quick to find. For other pages, such as the about us, services or contact pages, the URL is different. These URLs should have targeted keywords in their naming, because they contain more specific information than the homepage.

Although the URL should contain these keywords, they can’t be too extensive. If they’re too long, the search engine will cut the display short. If you find this on the URLs, you should consider improving the structure of your site. The risk here is that this change might negatively impact your rankings; however, they’ll bounce back soon.

Giving Your Website a Makeover

When you own a website, you can’t leave it to get old, outdated in comparison to your competitors’ sites, or difficult to navigate. Your site needs to be updated and maintained regularly, so that it remains functional. Your website should also get redesigned every few years.

An overhaul gives your site a new lease on life. It will be fresh, new and current. It’s a good change for your brand and the image you show to the world. However, a website overhaul is expensive, and can cause you to drop in rankings as Google tries to evaluate your new site. In fact, you even run the risk of alienating your clients if they don’t like how your new site looks and functions. 

There’s no need to worry, every website is redesigned, and your rankings will return to what they were before. You can also look forward to an influx of new customers who will stream in after the update.


Riding the wave of SEO is tricky. It’s complicated and a lot to learn. SEO trends also change frequently, which means that you have to keep up with the industry. Although some changes to SEO seem risky, there are some that are worth it. If other SEO services and agencies in Melbourne are willing to take the plunge, then you can too.