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Remarkable Features of Squarespace – Turn Ideas into Reality!


Squarespace is a website-building tool that helps to transform your ideas into reality. The drag & drop site building tool includes every functionality needed to create a striking website in a single package including hosting. Squarespace is different from WordPress, a content management tool. 

Offers exceptional template collection

Squarespace websites look appealing because of their outstanding templates. The templates –

  • Are responsive
  • Offer recognizable feel and look
  • Are designed to display photography
  • Have the same style and feature options
  • Offer two font and color customization levels

Check the templates, themes, and plugins on It is a website builder platform.

The Editor

The pages of Squarespace include content blocks and sections. The former is made up of website text, images, forms, buttons, maps, etc. The latter is vertically stacked on the website and holds the content blocks. You can choose pre-designed sections from the library or create from scratch. The sections can include background images to attain a modern feel. Customize the width, height, colors, and alignment, but never wander far from the basic layout. 


Users convenient in using Google Docs or MS Word will find Squarespace easy to use. The interface is clear and intuitive. 


Squarespace competes with WP on blogging. Blogger can enjoy a variety of features like –

  • RSS feeds
  • Markdown support
  • Google Amp
  • Podcast support
  • Multiple contributors and more

Form builder

By default, your form is not stored on Squarespace but you have to link it to the main source every time. This is the only complaint users make otherwise there are extensive features it supports.

  • 19 types of form building associated with different sectors
  • MailChimp & Google Docs integration
  • Custom lightbox & post-submit HTML mode

Photo galleries

Artists and photographers adore using Squarespace because of its attractive photo galleries.

  • Lightboxes
  • Focal point editing
  • Masonry galleries
  • Click-through URLs

Appointment scheduling

This feature allows visitors to book & pay for the appointments. The feature has extra monthly fees starting at $14.

  • Calendar syncing
  • Multiple calendars & teammates
  • Gift certificates
  • Email reminders
  • Automatic SMS

Mobile apps

  • Squarespace for blog posts and page edits
  • Analytics for website assessment
  • Commerce for online store management
  • Scheduling clients for customers to book appointments
  • Scheduling admin for managing and checking appointments

Member’s area

This section allows users to create and manage paid content. It costs extra but allows to –

  • Lock content
  • Charge one-time or recurring fees
  • Integrate with email marketing
  • Create classes & training packages

Donating system

Unlike other website building tool, the donation system on Squarespace covers the basics like –

  • Suggested contributions
  • Customized email receipt
  • Custom checkout 

Podcast support

You can syndicate a podcast using Squarespace. Syndicating means submitting your podcast to Apple and Spotify, which is important.

Email campaign support

With an extra fee, you can create email campaigns with Squarespace. Even if you were using a third-party service provider like Constant Contact or MailChimp, you will have to pay extra fees, so why not use Squarespace. It allows integrating features like membership areas and e-commerce. 

SEO tools

  • AMP support
  • Customize Meta Titles & Descriptions
  • Customize URL
  • SSL certification
  • Sitemap
  • Setting Alt tags 

Cost of using Squarespace

The cost of Squarespace ranges from $12 to $40 per month depending on the four types of plan including –

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Basic Commerce
  • Advanced Commerce

The pricing of Squarespace is similar to several of its competitors. With all the remarkable features Squarespace has to offer, it is not surprising that people are using it!