Reasons to add PR in your content marketing strategy

If you are a digital marketer, go back to a memory lane and you will recall those innocent digital marketing days where blogs and emails dominated the whole sphere. Yes, the term SEO was not as popular and prominent as it is now. Before 5 or 10 years, blogs, emails and press releases were the major parts of the digital marketing strategy. An ideal web design company in Toronto did not know much about website optimization. Content distribution was all about posting press releases and blogs on some websites.

However, the scenario has changed completely and today, digital marketing has become a giant tree with different sub-branches. However, one thing that even the next generation digital marketers often ask is whether they should add press releases in their content marketing strategy or not. Earlier, press releases used to be a vital part of all marketing strategies, digital or not. When you have a new product or you want to address your audience, a simple, straightforward press release was the only tool to inform or educate your audience. It was a fast and simple way to hook your audience and inform them about your products or company.

However, today it is not the same. Nowadays, digital marketers have many platforms to communicate and interact with the target audience and press releases seem outdated. However, it is not. Many smart digital marketers still write press releases and post them on different PR sites. Some might call it an outdated medium, but it still has the potential to reach out to your target audience.

Do you or your digital marketing agency in Toronto need some reasons to add PRs in your content marketing strategy? Well, we have discussed multiple reasons in this post. We will discuss them thoroughly to convince you to add PRs in your strategy.

PRs are free

You are blushing now, don’t you? Don’t worry, it is a human tendency to blush when something is offered free. In earlier days, writing and posting press releases was costly. You have to buy the paper to print PR and printer to print it and stamps and envelopes to mail it out. However, it is not the case anymore.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of free PR websites where you can post your PR free, without spending a single penny. Not just that, you can email your PR to your target audience. It can be a part of your email campaign. All you need to do is to find a time to write and design an attractive PR and that will be all. You must have a newsletter subscriptions for your business and you can send them a PR with a few clicks. An automated email platform can help you with that. You can check out all the details you want related to PR you have put out. There are some superlative benefits of using press releases for your internet marketing strategy. With an automated email platform, you can have real-time insights about who is showing interest in your release.

Furthermore, industry-specific PR websites can also bring huge traffic if you post your PR there. You will get quality, industry-relevant traffic on your website.

Squeeze out Some SEO

You can get some quality genuine leads by optimizing your PR in today’s digital advertising era. How to do that? First of all, add some relevant backlinks in your PR. Though it will not impact your SEO directly, you can get benefits from it. By adding a link of a relevant case study or video on your company’s website, you will surely get some visits from relevant people. If you have posted your PR on some great PR site, you will surely get some superior visibility. Also, when backlinks are from genuine and trustworthy sources, people generally click on them. When you earn such high-quality links through PR SEO, you will surely be in the good book of the search engine crawlers.

You Control the Message

One of the most interesting and beneficial things about PRs is the total control over content is with you. It is you who will decide about everything that is there in the content. For example, you will decide which products to add in the PR or the ideal word count or quotes. It is you who is the boss here and it will help you to draft a message that can work for your organization.

Reach a Large or Targeted Audience

Whether you send a PR via your email campaign or you post it on industry-specific PR sites, you will surely be going to hit the right target audience who might be interested in your offerings. Keep the PR simple, straightforward and as per your understanding of your audience and it will pay off.


Don’t you think that these reasons are enough to draft a PR today? Press releases can bring authentic and genuine traffic on your website and also can help your brand to rank on the top of the search engines. Tell your web design company in Toronto now to draft a PR for your products or services.