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Pros and Cons of using Virtual lab

The virtual lab is convenient and is very easy to use which has the power and flexibility to provide contemporary technology. Virtual training program works just like a remote desktop the student can use their device for logging into a remote computer view the desktop on the screen and input command whenever it is required.

In virtual training labs, you will get hands-on technology which can be used without any requirement of expert’s advice. Virtual labs are certainly the most powerful, cost-effective, and flexible way to learn and master the skills that you require in your day to day operation in college or school or office. Hence virtual lab is always considered to be a better option for the students but still, it is not free from the cons. That is the reason why it is always better to know both the pros and cons of a virtual lab before using it. Hence, in this article, we have come up with the pros and cons of the virtual lab.


The following are the pros of the virtual lab:

  • In the virtual lab, you will get more scheduling flexibility and you do not require any staff to keep the lab open or maintained. You just need a high speed Internet connection for accessing the virtual lab and you will be able to use it from anywhere you desire.
  • In the virtual lab, you will be able to provide training for the development of the employee. Training is very necessary for greater productivity and revenue and virtual lab provide you a cost-effective way to offer a huge range of educational benefits to your staff.
  • Virtual training labs are thoroughly maintained and hence are highly secured. The virtual lab is the safer place to practice your skills and you also do not have the risk of corrupting live data. Thus there are hardly any chances of leaking sensitive information or damaging any type of expensive hardware. 
  •  Since the virtual lab offers practical skills acquisition methods and it does not disrupt the work schedule of the employees they can easily learn all the vital career advancing skills since in the virtual training you do not need to travel or take time off.


The following are some essential cons of the virtual lab:

  • Virtual training is a new and innovative approach and hence it may be a little difficult for the student to adapt the process that is required to operate the system.
  • Every student or employee is not necessarily a technological expert and they may lack general technology skills. Hence such types of students may not feel comfortable using the virtual lab. That means when you have to provide general skills training you will require more time.
  • It may be difficult for you or you may need time, expense, and effort for preparing and training the instructors and other relevant staff to teach virtually. 

Thus after knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of virtual lab training you can decide whether it will be suitable for you or not.