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Proper Tool Maintenance

Your tools will thank you for taking care of them. Home improvement and repair projects will be easier, safer, and more successful if you take care of your power tools and hand tools. Proper tool care can also help you save money as they last longer if they are well taken care of.

Hand Tools

Common household tools like screwdrivers and hammers, pliers, and levels are all left out in basements, garages, and tool sheds. Although tools are durable, they can be damaged by the elements and are not immune to damage.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your tools so they can be used efficiently.

Take good care of your tools by cleaning them and inspecting them regularly

Before you put them in storage, make it a practice to clean your tools after every use. Before you place them in their correct places, wipe them with a towel. You can also check for damage and defects. You should inspect the handles of your tools for cracks, breaks, and splinters. Make sure metal parts are free from corrosion and rust. Any tools showing signs of damage should be repaired or replaced.

Unmaintained log-splitting and striking tools can be dangerous. These tools are often used repeatedly. The metal head expands and forms a lip. Metal lips shrink, curl, or split with use. Separating the metal head from the handle creates a dangerous projectile. This can be avoided by regularly grinding metal edges.

Keep your tools safe

Hand tools need to be stored properly. You can keep your tools safe and in top condition by using a toolbox or storage container or shelving unit. Your storage units should be protected from moisture and temperature fluctuations. When completing a job, remember to place your tools in the right places.

Power Tools

Power Tools require routine maintenance, just like hand tools. Power tools are more vulnerable to malfunctioning due to their electrical and mechanical parts. Here are some tips to help you clean and store your tools properly.

Power tools should be kept clean

If left unchecked, dust and grime can cause your power tools to stop working. After each job is completed, wipe them with a damp cloth and store them. Use a cotton swab or other fine tool to clean the exhausts, intakes, and other difficult-to-clean areas.

Properly store power tools

Properly store your power tools after each use to keep them safe from moisture, dust, and other undesirable conditions. If possible, keep them in their original boxes or store them in tool chests. It not only protects them but also organizes them so that you can find the right tool when you need it.

Inspect for damage or wear

Check power tools for wear and damage regularly. Frayed insulation or exposed wiring should be repaired by a professional at Mektronics. Damaged power cords can cause electric shock or fire. Check the power cord for bent or lose prongs. If they’re broken, fix them.

Lubricate moving parts

For premium performance, keep moving parts lubricated. It not only keeps the tool’s mechanics running smoothly but also reduces the risk of rust. Common machine oil is a good choice. However, your owner’s manual may recommend a different type of oil.

Keep your batteries in shape

Homeowners and contractors love these battery-powered tools. Maintaining their batteries ensures smooth operation.

Charge and discharge your batteries every few weeks to keep them working well. Long-term battery storage is unsafe. Every two weeks, use your batteries.