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Poster Printing In Johannesburg

Printing In Johannesburg

Despite the increasing digital advertisement taking place today, there are still benefits for those working with traditional advertising methods like posters. However, Poster Printing In Johannesburg isn’t an easy task as it may consume all your hard-earned money, and the outcome may be unpleasant. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up finding the best priming company because there are many reliable ones in Johannesburg like 24hrprinting, Kwik Printing, and FacePrint South Africa.

Types of Poster Printing

Digital Poster Printing: this is the newest printing method as its popularity increased in the early 1990s, thanks to the IRIS Printer that Iris Graphics powered. This machine was substituted by the same machines from giant brands like Kodak and Epsom. So, the digital poster printers charge and direct the ink to a paper/cardstock. They (digital laser print) are commonly used for shorter ruins than poster printing. 

Lithographic poster printing: this type of printing uses large steel plates spread with ink. It’s more expensive to print posters with Lithographic poster printing than digital poster printing, but the quality is guaranteed. Unlike other printing types, lithographic poster printing is mainly used on books, packaging, newspapers, maps, and other high-volume poster runs. Unlike digital poster printing, where digital images are converted from RGB to CYMK color formats, lithographic poster printers can mix PANTONE colors to ensure color match. 

Custom Poster printing options: there is more than one way to finish posters, and the common ones are high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. High Gloss ensures a wide range of colors but is unsuitable for use in bright lighting locations because of the glares. However, semi-gloss emits fewer glares, allowing PANTONE matching and vibrant colors. Lastly, matte provides an elegant and professional finish while offering the slightest sheen. 

Why Print Posters?

As we mentioned, posters have been for decades one of the most reliable marking strategies and have been embraced by many small and large businesses alike. Below are the significant reasons why you should consider Poster Printing In Johannesburg

It can be printed in varying shapes and sizes: 24×36-inch is the standard poster size, but you can still choose from 8×8-inch to 58×100-inch dimensions. To catch your audience’s attention, customising the shape and size of your poster may give you an advantage over your competitors. It will even seem extra catchy when you add unique finishes like glossy or mate. 

Easy to distribute: The city of Johannesburg is large enough, and if you don’t strategize your marketing goals, all your effort may go in vain. Luckily, Poster Printing In Johannesburg is easily distributable. A letter-sized poster can be mailed, and if you have a larger poster, you also need a strategic location where your target audience can see it. But obtaining permission to hang the poster ensures smooth operation. 

Affordable: The cost of Poster Printing In Johannesburg varies with changes in finishes, size, and color. For instance, x5 A2 Posters full-color 150gsm gloss cost around R500, but that also depends on the company you’ve chosen to print your poster. Talking about affordability, you’ll realize that posters can be acquired in bulk, unlike other forms of advertisement like TV adverts where adverts have to be continuous to get audience attention. 

Versatile: If you are hosting an event in the capital city of Johannesburg, what is better to inform others other than using a poster? Posters can also make your brand popular if you find the right audience. The ability to use the poster on multiple occasions makes it an investment worth risking. 


You can learn a lot about Poster Printing In Johannesburg, but the most important is never to rush in making decisions. Always state what you need before going for it. The printing company must have the experience, reputation, and knowledge about printing posters; otherwise, you may live regretting your choices when your marketing goals fail.