Open Your Online Store, Run, And Manage It Well With Magex.Pro, with its ecommerce features, allows you to quickly open an online store without any financial expenses. It has everything you need not only to start a store, but also to run and manage it successfully.

What is the ecommerce features

  • Website security and protection

To ensure safety of the customers, they install Firewall and self-designed antivirus on each site.

  • Advanced SEO settings

To improve the position of a store in search engines, they install an advanced SEO module for each and every store.

  • Product returns and money refunds

Get the facility of the product returns and refunds with the powerful and flexible extensions of

  • Advanced checkout module

Advanced checkout module allows the customers to checkout on one page, analyze the checkout performance, reduce checkout time & thus helps to increase the sales and revenue.

  • Customer theme support

The customers can use free themes of their choice to make the page look more attractive.

  • Advanced shopping cart

You can recover your once chosen products as they automatically send a follow up mail to their customers with a link to their abandoned shopping carts. The advanced reports help to find the checkout fields and make customer stuck, resulting in increasing sale.

  • Smart marketing tools

They make use of some smart marketing tools to boost sales and customer loyalty. They give their customers coupons, discounts, gift cards, store credits, etc. All their plans include social media integration so that the products can also be sold on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

  • Inventory management

You will get the facility of automatic product accounting, product category accounting, and out of stock notification, and it will allow you to easily manage your inventory consisting of large number of products.

  • Advanced reporting

Make selling much easier by analyzing and understanding the behavior of the customers with the feature of advanced reporting at Also create detailed reports on sales, refunds, and returns easily.

  • Easy store management

Managing a store is quite easy at magex pro. You will get detailed information about each customer and his shopping habits, which helps to increase sales. Returns and refunds can be done just at the touch of a button.

Apart from that the customers will have a nice shopping experience with Purchases are quick and safe as products can be searched by brand or category. It is very customer friendly with its fast one-step checkout process.