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Online Pilot Training – Tips And Basic Guide

The deployment of various private pilot lessons Big Spring, TX such as the Avsoft online pilot training greatly enhances the training program for cadets. It also makes it easier for instructors to monitor and evaluate the entire process from a back office.

What is online pilot training?

An online pilot training is an application created by professional flight instructors and delivered in multimedia format. The course program contains lessons on the various aspects of aircraft maintenance and other aviation knowledge prescribed for the training program. As it is delivered via a compatible computer or mobile device, the lessons can be downloaded and stored for offline use.

A basic guide to online pilot training

Using the Avsoft online pilot training program as an example,

The first thing to know about these programs is that they are delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is software that gives access to training materials and other functions that the instructors and cadets have to use. On the cadet side, the features include navigation, storage, tracking, as well as viewing options.

On the instructor side, the functions include administrative, tracking and monitoring, evaluation, grading, scenario-modification, and other necessary options for tweaking the training to fit the context.

The LMS may be proprietary to the online training, such as the Avsoft LMS, or it could be a third-party LMS. However, they all contain the required multimedia player.

Tips for using online pilot training

  1. Study constantly: The best way to learn is by constant studying. That is made easier by downloading the training materials and watching them repeatedly. Also, take self-quizzes to test your knowledge after each class.
  2. Reduce distractions: Watching online training in a quiet environment will increase your assimilation rate. Remove every form of distraction and use a headset, if possible.
  3. Maximize lessons, and prepare: Take each learning session seriously, finish assignments on time, re-watch the teachings as many times as you need to. Prepare ahead of each course or class.
  4. Practice: The goal of the online lesson is to help you. You should practice as much as you can, using a simulator, and even doing the so-called ‘armchair’ maneuvers at home.
  5. Use updated content: Because online training can be easily updated, recent information is always available. The Avsoft online pilot training provided regular course updates that reflect new information and up-to-date training methods.

Always remember that online training does not replace physical training; they complement one another.