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Office 365 Migration: All You Need To Know About It

Cloud computing has become the new order of all businesses today. Therefore, the importance of Office 365 migration is also increasing with every passing day. However, migrations often take a lot of time and make the entire operational front a little incoherent.

Nevertheless, Office 365 migration can be done in various ways. You need to know which one is the best alternative for your business first. Let’s dive into the types and understand how each might be helpful.

Types of Office 365 Migration

  1. Staged Migration

This one is ideal for medium-sized businesses with less than or equal to 200mailboxes. The migration takes place in batches. However, during the exchange process, the users can receive and send emails without any hassle. However, this one is available for Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2003 and not 2010 and 2013.

  1. Cutover Migration

Cutover migration takes place in one go. Everything gets transferred to Office 365 together and it is available for all Microsoft Exchanges. Therefore, for businesses with less than 2000 mailboxes, this could be an excellent choice at any time.

  1. Hybrid Migration

In this method, you can integrate Office 365 with your directory services and Exchange servers. This is available for more than 2000 mailboxes. Therefore, big businesses will find this more helpful.

  1. IMAP Migration

This one hands over all the information pulled from source mailboxes. However, this exchange process does not include the transfer of calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. It only takes care of the emails and the rest needs manual transferring.

Things to consider while picking a migration type from the alternatives listed above.

  • The time needed for the migration
  • The volume of your migration budget
  • The amount of data getting migrated
  • The existing email system
  • The version of the exchange server

If you take care of all these factors, you can choose the best migration alternative for your business. The experts at RockTeam, which is a reputed Email collaboration firm, can help you figure out which migration process would best suit your existing set-up. Call the executives today to book an appointment.