NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal Sets Up His First Tinder — It Doesn’t Go Well

When Tinder first hit the market in 2012 under the guidance of former CEO Sean Rad, the dating world was ripe for a fundamental revolution. Embracing the idea of internet culture while giving our thumbs something to do, Tinder’s founder would develop the swipe-right and swipe-left system that we’ve grown so familiar with over the past decade. While Rad has since departed the company in a legal dispute, arguing that IAC undervalued Tinder intentionally, the application continues to set the tone for not just dating, but pop culture as well.

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is a larger-than-life figure no matter where he is in the world, and that certainly extended to his first-ever Tinder profile.

Joining Tinder with Shaq

NBA players are some of the wealthiest and most famous figures on the planet. As such, you’d hardly expect to swipe your way to a LeBron James or a Shaquille O’Neal. But that was exactly what happened when this Laker legend decided to try his luck on the app.

Already rife with fake profiles, Shaq was swimming against the current of believability when he revealed that he had used Tinder for dating—for real. Shaq talked about his experience during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast. In the podcast, Shaq describes how nobody ever believed he was actually Shaq. The NBA legend pointed out that they’d say things like, “You’re not Shaq. Shaq wouldn’t be here!”

While Shaq may not have had the most luck on Tinder, he definitely hit his mark on the hardwood. Shaq played in the NBA for 19 seasons, sharing the court with some of the largest legends that have ever played the game. Along the way, Shaq would collect four Championship rings as well as a surefire ticket to the NBA’s Hall of Fame.

Oh, yeah, and Shaq also starred in the film, Kazaam. So, he’s got that going for him, too.