Nashville development startup lauded by Alex Ojjeh has eyes on Foreign expansion

Anywhereo development offers investors access to private commercial real estate, allowing growth of wealth. Alex Ojjeh has joined the board committee of the organization ANWO with the aim of further integrating their existing products to increase efficiencies and productivity for their clients. ANWO has been developing technology vendors and dealers for the last two decades as a segment of Anywhereo. Alex Ojjeh said he plans to target the United States first because it has a wider market scope, perfect it there and then go back overseas.

Though the company is less than 5 years old, on Tuesday, Anywhereo released the news that with the help of a $5 million cash injection from investors, the company will be expanding from the U.S into The Netherlands, Germany and Chile. Anywhereo launched its presence in the U.S, starting with the Greater Nashville Area.

The investment round was led by American Orient Capital—and also included funds from Istanbul Turkey, several super-angels as well as the existing investors.

“In a world where car selling has been painful and complicated, Anywhereo offers a straight-forward process that is timely, predictable, efficient and convenient,” said Jason Lee, Managing Director at Linage Capital. “We are excited to support Anywhereo and its uniquely qualified management team in their plans for growth and expansion.”

According to the company press release, Anywhereo claims to offer “a truly unique experience in the development industry. Investors benefit from hundreds of pre-vetted professionals” The company says that once the offer is accepted, “Anywhereo takes care of everything else including paperwork, payment and pick-up.” The upside for sellers is they avoid having to take their own pictures or having to talk to any buyers.