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Myths and Facts About Unlocked Cell Phones

Nowadays there are too many myths and facts of unlocked cell phones are present. Basically all these myths and facts are arisen due to the different strict rules of the government, each government has its own rule including when and how mobile phone carriers are required to unlock cell phones. 

Because of these strict rules, there are too many rumors related to unlocked phones. In this article, we will tell the complete truth, what’s false and what’s true

Myth 1: Unlocking your mobile phone is illegal:

Fact: No: It is totally legal in Canada and the United States that you can unlock your cell phone. Literally, carriers also make it possible for the customers to unlock their mobile phones. 

But in Canada, there are too many examples where the person received a cell phone as a gift or purchased second-hand cell phone then the carriers charged a too much fee or refuse to unlock the phone. In the United States, there are too many provides who are wanted because of an irritating unlock process. 

The unlock process of United States company AT&T is very annoying for everyone. But the main fact is that it’s 100% legal to unlock phones and there is nothing wrong and illegal.

Myth 2: Only service provider will provide you the unlock codes:

Fact: No: If we talk about the unlock cell phones then, in this case, consumers can also unlock their phones. If consumers fulfill all the conditions including paying bills and not containing any type of agreement then the providers will easily unlock cell phones. But others will charge too much fee or refuse to unlock the phone 

Myth 3: If you are not good with your service provider or you haven’t paid bills then you cannot unlock your mobile phones

Fact: A few famous mobile companies like T-Mobile and AT&T always need good standings from their customers. For example, if you want to unlock the T-Mobile company cell phone and have any contract then you have to pay complete bills of 18 months otherwise shift to the simple plan. The other option is, if your device account is canceled then your account balance must be zero

Myth 4: Another carrier is used when your cell phone is unlocked

Fact: No it is not possible: Basically there are two main carriers that are present including AT&T and T-Mobiles. 

GSM technology is used by the AT&T mobiles and CDMA technology is used by the T-Mobiles, so the GSM cell phones do not support the CDMA technology. 

If you are going to unlock your phone to switch on other networks then first confirm that the other network is compatible with your phone or not. 

But now the new devices are universal, these devices come with the 4G LTE technology and these devices operate GSM network. 

The main thing about these devices is that a sim card is used in new devices. If you are using an older version of T-Mobile devices then it is impossible to operate GSM network

Myth 5: Process of unlocking your cell phone is difficult 

Fact: The process of unlocking a mobile phone is very simple. Because the first thing is that if you are using a GSM technology then you have to insert a new SIM card and enter the unlock code. But if you are using a CDMA technology phone then you have two options to unlock your cell phone. 

The first one is there are too many stores in the country; with the help of these stores you can easily unlock your cell phone. 

The second option is some carriers will unlock your cell phone; you just have to call them and ask for unlocking the cell phone

Myth 6: You don’t need to unlock your cell phone

Fact: No: There are too many reasons to unlock your cell phone. The first reason is that you always need an unlock cell phone for the traveling purpose because GSM cell phones allow you to use the international SIM cards. If you have GSM cell phones then it is impossible for you to use international SIM cards. 

The second reason is that when you buy a new phone then most of the carriers insist you buy expensive plans, unlocked cell phones provide you the opportunity to buy the cheapest plans. The important thing is that unlocking your phone is the best thing for you.

Myth 7: Unlocking A CDMA Cell phone Is Not Possible:

Fact: According to the previous information you already know the difference between GSM and CDMA cell phones, but some people think that they cannot unlock the CDMA phones. 

This thing is false; you can unlock CDMA cell phones with the help of a very embarrassing process. But if you are going to unlock the CDMA cell phone then you must remove your data and insert it into the new phones. 

If you don’t know the complete process of unlocking your cell phone then this process will be done by the different stores

Myth 8: Buy an unlocked cell phone is the better option as compared to unlock your cell phone:

Fact: No it is totally wrong. There is no difference between the new cell phone and unlocked cell phone but the thing is that you have to pay $100 to $300 for the new unlocked cell phone. 

There are too many retailers available in the market where you can easily buy the unlocked cell phones. But if you are going to unlock your old cell phone from any store then you have to $15 to $20 to unlock your old cell phone. 

So unlocking your old cell phone is the better option as compared to buy a new mobile phone


We have covered almost all the myths and facts related to the unlocked cell phone. I hope you understand all the myths and facts still if you have any question then you can ask us in the comment section.