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Meet The Success Authors of Must-haves In India-Cricket & Medicines

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Today we will be talking about our latest podcasts, which have covered the success mantras for the rising stars from cricket and the pharma industry.

College Project Becomes Bigger & Better

It started as a project for college and went on to become one of India’s largest digital healthcare ecosystems. A one-stop shop for medications, lab tests, and healthcare supplies, the PharmEasy platform is one of India’s top healthcare aggregators. Siddharth Shah, the man in charge of India’s top outpatient healthcare platform, was motivated by the goal of giving every Indian access to inexpensive healthcare.

Siddharth Shah, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, envisioned creating India’s best health delivery platform. Apart from following his passion for cars, sports and travelling, he was focused on making healthcare accessible in India. He tried answering the basic question that when clothes, phones, furniture and even food swivelled from offline to online, it was strange that consumers would have to depend on the local chemist for their medicines, a basic need. Moreover, it was common for people to go from one outlet to another if the prescribed drugs were out of stock.

PharmEasy Made it Easy With Technology!

In the current dot-com era, PharmEasy Technology created a revolution. PharmEasy, convinced of the enormous potential of technology, is incorporating it into the healthcare industry to improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for its users. Major partnerships with hospitals to offer easily accessible medical consultations proved to help greatly.

PharmEasy relies on machine learning to forecast the best channels to increase the platform’s LTV (loan-to-value).

Your medications are swiftly delivered to your door anywhere in India with just a few taps on the PharmEasy app! 

All You Need To Know About Jake Lush McCrum!

Jake Lush McCrum was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Rajasthan Royals of the Indian Premier League (IPL)in July 2021.

McCrum has been associated with the Rajasthan Royals since 2018.

Building a top-notch management team to carry out the broad goal he and the board have outlined has been the main focus of his attention. According to the franchise, the main objective of the vision is to “transform society through cricket and cricket through innovation.”


McCrum has significantly contributed to the franchise’s growth and IPL engagement. He is currently in charge of overseeing the entire franchise’s cricket programme.


At the IPL 2022 Mega Auctions, he took his first place at the table as the Franchise CEO.

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