Marketing Made Easier in 2020—9 Tips the Experts Use

Have you automated your marketing yet?

In recent years the business world has grown significantly. And it has become easier. Now, countless businesses market their products on various platforms with marketing automation.

For those who are still new to this, there exists a fear of taking the wrong steps. What if you invest in the wrong marketing procedure? Don’t worry, with the right advice it can be done successfully.

The Importance of Your Strategy

As your business evolves, you may make decisions that can cause the wrong impressions or attract the wrong audiences. Neglecting certain tasks could harm your sales figures. That’s why automated marketing benefits your company. It does the work for you when you can’t get to all the necessary advertising tasks.

Whether it’s email, social media or obtaining leads, marketing requires time. But you mostly want to focus on your product or service; not waste hours on your marketing.

To save you some time and push you in the right direction, follow these 9 tips straight from the experts and get marketing right from now on.

9 Expert Marketing Tips for 2020

1. Starting Point

You’re staring at your product or service and think to yourself “How do I market this and where do I begin?” The best way to start with automated marketing is to find the best company or platform suited to handle your product or service.

2. Connect with Your Leads

Having a sense of human touch is important when you obtain your leads. Don’t only rely on receiving leads and not making a personal connection. After all, it takes no effort to send a personalised message, thanks to state-of-the-art software that can add names instantly.

3. Launch Simple Then Grow

When you assess various platforms and countless campaigns to choose from, don’t make the mistake of doing it all at once. Make sure to start off simple; especially if you have a start-up business, so you have time for it all. When you’re still learning you must be able to evaluate vital phases in the workflow of your business and focus on main aspects of your business.

As your business grows you can do more research and add more phases to your marketing.

4. Invest Your Time in the Right Place

If you pick the wrong focus area, spending too much of your time on that one aspect may just be the downfall of your marketing campaign. Do thorough research and make sure your marketing automation service provider does the same. Are you engaging the correct audiences on the correct platform?

Also spend your time to focus on the needs of your audience so you know how to show them you can fulfil that need.

5. Don’t Be a Robot

Imagine yourself as the audience viewing or receiving automated marketing from your business. How would you react to this automation? The human touch has proven to be the best way to engage your audiences. Keep it natural as you relay information about your business to your leads:

  • Conversational writing
  • Images of the owner and team members
  • Use words your audience understands

6. Communication is Key

Efficiency and clarity are key aspects of your sales and marketing teams’ functioning. Communicating with your team about the marketing your company has initiated ensures you to take care of leads and relay correct information about your product or service.

7. Do More than an Email

As the years progressed and thanks to modern tech, marketing automation companies can now provide much more than a simple email in a client’s inbox. Don’t miss out on the power of:

  • Connecting your audience to your product from an email straight to the World Wide Web and online store.
  • Sales calls and SMS messages work well in certain target markets, so don’t disregard their value even though they’ve been around for a while.
  • Data analysis driven by AI provides accurate feedback, so you know where to invest more time and money.

8. Quality Over Quantity

Make sure that what you have sent out has a sense of smartness to it. To attract leads to your business’ website you have to have quality content within your website. Also make sure your content connects with different audiences if you aim to market to them all.

9. Update and Don’t Repeat

Constantly changing your content engages your audience more than using the same old messages they’re used to. Keep it clean & friendly and continually do thorough research on your audience’s interests as time progresses.

Entering the World of Automated Marketing

The most successful marketing campaigns are not the ones that just send out hundreds of emails and post thousands of adverts. When you understand your audience and create content to suit each segment of your leads, that’s when you’ll see the results you’re after. So, find a company that will help you get it right.

Time is money and marketing automation does take time to optimise. When successfully set up it will save you loads of time. It’s one of the best endeavours for your business in 2020. Ready to start?