Look for the Signs: Repairing, Rebuilding, or Replacing?


Ball screws are used in many different mechanical processes. This linear actuator creates a rotational motion that causes very little to no friction. The screw contains a threaded shaft and ball bearings that work together to create seamless motion.

What signs should individuals look for to know if they need Ball Screw Repair or Replace? This guide will offer information on these services and the signs individuals should consider so they will know which service to seek.

Warning Signs of Failing Ball Screws

Ball screws are complicated assemblies and require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, these devices do not last forever. When problems arise, acting quickly becomes essential so catastrophic damages do not begin occurring. The following are some of the key signs of failure problems.

  • One of the most common signs of problems with these assemblies is excessive backlash in the nut. If excessive backlash occurs, repair or replacement may be necessary.
  • Surface distress and fatigue are also common signs of problems with ball screws.
  • With poor lubrication, discoloration occurs on the lead and balls. These assemblies must be lubricated efficiently to ensure they do not begin to break down and fail completely.
  • When the ball assembly moves, it will begin experiencing excessive vibrations. When assemblies are in strong working order, they should have very little to no vibration at all.
  • Individuals will also notice the assembly suddenly begins producing excessive heat. Excess heat means wear and tear will begin occurring which will eventually lead to a full failure.

Repair and Rebuild Services for Ball Screws

There are a few different ways technicians can take care of repairs and rebuilding for ball screws. The following offers information on these services so companies can be prepared to take action right away. These assemblies must be repaired or rebuilt right away or they could fail completely.

Like New Restoration

Ball screws can be restored to the point they are like new. This is known as a level 1 reload. During this process, the assembly gets cleaned and evaluated fully. Steps are taken to restore every part of the assembly so it begins to function normally again. This service comes with an additional one-year warranty.

Temporary Reload

Over time, these assemblies become so damaged they can no longer be restored to like-new condition. Temporary reloads get an assembly up and running again temporarily. This service gets carried out when a full restoration will not be effective.


If pitting, interior and exterior damage, and brinelling are occurring, regrinding becomes necessary. The entire unit would need to be refurbished to ensure it will work correctly. This service offers a one-year warranty.

Seek the Right Professionals

When it comes to repairing or rebuilding screw assemblies, companies must rely on professionals to ensure the work is carried out to precise specifications. Repair and rebuilding take precision to ensure the screw assembly will work effectively and safely. Seeking these professional services ensures an assembly’s lifespan gets protected so it will last as long as possible.