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According to the annual study published by IT fleet manager, 94% of the 786 professionals surveyed ensure that their company uses the cloud.

From now on, the issue is no longer to wonder if the cloud is a good solution, but rather to know which cloud to choose for the development of your business. In www.action1.com you know here’s how to do it.

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Which cloud model to choose?

To what extent and in what proportions do you plan to outsource your information system? This is the first question to ask when you want to move towards a cloud solution for the growth of your business. There are three main cloud models available to you.

IaaS: Dematerialize the infrastructure

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the first degree of cloud outsourcing. It makes it possible to completely dematerialize the hardware infrastructure by entrusting its management to an external service provider who thus takes charge of the installation of file servers, networks and data storage. However, your business remains in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing applications, data, and the operating system.

This solution makes it possible to eliminate the investment expenses linked to the purchase of physical equipment while benefiting from efficient and secure technology . It is therefore interesting for companies that need flexibility and responsiveness on their infrastructure to quickly deploy virtual machines.

PaaS: Outsource application management

The PaaS (Platform as a service) is the second level of cloud outsourcing. Some companies want to outsource their development environment to gain flexibility and responsiveness. The company does not worry about installing the servers, the operating systems, the programming environment, or the database management system.

All of this is delivered turnkey by the PaaS provider , which also takes care of the server software, support, storage, network access, design and development tools, and hosting.

The developers of the company then only have to create tailor-made business applications, and to test them or simply have them tested by the various employees, since they are in essence easily accessible.

Some PaaS providers stand out by offering more specific additional features, which is why all offers should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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SaaS: A complete solution

Finally, third and ultimate degree of the cloud: SaaS (Software as a Service) . The company then chooses a solution completely hosted in the Cloud. It does not worry about installing or maintaining its software.

In fact, the software does not belong to her, but she then pays a subscription that allows her to use the features she has chosen. The SaaS provider therefore manages the entire chain, and the company is content to use the solution as a service it has subscribed to.

This tariff, generally in the form of a periodic subscription, makes it possible to establish an annual budget for this use.

Many SaaS solutions can be interfaced with other SaaS solutions or sometimes hosted in the company . Choosing the best SaaS solutions to adapt them to the specific needs of a company therefore cannot be improvised.Choose to be accompanied by service providers who are able to study with you what you can or should take in SaaS, and how to discuss these solutions with your other IT tools.