Is the Remote Office Here to Stay?


Is WFH sticking around for the long haul? If so, here are some good tech decisions you can make to help boost production of remote workers.

Working from Home used to be the dream. Everyone wanted a workplace that they could roll out of bed and join… until it happened. Now that we have it, we are all fed up with being stuck with our family’s all day and are desperate to get back to work. 

However, if this new culture is the new normal, we are going to have to make that adjustment. With that in mind, here are some of the best tech decisions you can make that will help it all go that little bit smoother…

The Best Ways to Facilitate WFH as a Permanent Solution

Here are some of the best ways you can be actively proactive when it comes to engaging and retaining those remote workers.

1 – Train, train, and then train some more!

A remote worker is at risk of falling off the map in terms of employee engagement. Training for remote working is, if anything, more essential than training for the office. At least in the office employees can seek each other’s advice. In the remote office, this is a lot harder to do. 

Remote staff are notorious for feeling excluded from any office culture you may have in the main buildings. It’s your job as an employer to work out how to bridge that gap… which leads us to point number 2…

2 – Develop a New Office Culture

If you keep it remote, you can completely recreate office culture so that it positively includes those that are seemingly stuck on the outer edges of it. If you work in a place where remote workers and office workers have an “us against them” war going on, that needs to change before it catches on.

You can develop a new office culture by placing the emphasis on employee wellness, regularly checking in with all employees, and encouraging a positive, goal-focused group atmosphere.

3 – Employee of the Month

Let’s see a return to the good old days of employee of the month. Instead of a picture on the wall, though, give them a real monetary bonus for it. Include everyone – including the remote team. This will bring people together in the spirit of healthy competition.

If the remote office really is here to stay, positive reinforcement and encouraging a healthy work/life balance are the two ways we can best ensure a happy workplace as we move forward.

Moving Forward in a WFH World

Is it really all that bad if we need to start making our home offices permanent? For those of us who have got used to this new way of checking in, do we really want to get back to the 7am rush hour, anger before breakfast and kids that are thrown out for school? 

Considering all this new culture that has been forced upon us, we really must stop and smell the flowers. Working from home is better for our family units, saves the planet the cost of commute emissions, and has taken a load of stress out of our lives. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we just kept it up.