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IP Geolocation Client Library in Different Languages

The Top Five Places To Get Personalized Content In Different Languages With Your IP Geolocation Database


 Personalized content is a much-needed commodity nowadays. Say, for example, you are going through your client’s library and need some data to help with a case. Now, let’s say that the client you are working with speaks a different language than you do. 

 The goal is to find a free IP location database to help understand your client’s information. After all, your client’s information comes with its library volume of sourced material. 

 There are two ways to do that.

1) You can buy a database of your own and use your server as the host. The only downside to that is you would need to update everything regularly. That takes a lot of time, resources, and energy. That is something you do not have because your main goal is to be taking care of your client. 

2) You could always use the GEO API system. You retrieve the information you need, paying only for that information.

 In my opinion, option number two is the easiest way to go. You can find the client information you need in the language you want. 

The Top Five Free IP Location Database Resources That Can Help

1) Ipstack is one of the most trusted names in the IP location. It’s been trusted by top names such as Microsoft and HubSpot. You can do everything from the standard lookup to requesting bulk IP information. You will even see the data behind the name and IP address. 

 This plan comes with different options. You can pay for it, but why pay when you get more than 10,000 inquiries a month?

2) The IP geolocation API is the next one. You can choose between cloud-based or self-hosting. You need to have either the IPv4 or the IPv6 to use it. This thing will give you everything from the currency options to language barriers. 

 Users need to be aware that the response will come back in JSON formatting. You will need to learn how to interpret the format if you want to use it. 

3) The next one is called iPapi. It has everything from personalized content to language information. The system will redirect you to the page according to the language you need. 

 Say, for example, you use English, but your client uses German. The page will redirect you to the German page and help you interpret what you need. 

 This option is also good to help detect and prevent fraud signup. It sends notifications when something suspicious is happening or will happen. 

4) The fourth one is This one might be as free as the others, per se. However, you can get started for as little as $10 a month. It will give you a free IP key to play.

 The system will help you with client libraries and languages, including Python and Javascript. The libraries offer either a general directory or language-specific information.

5) The fifth and final one to talk about is Maxmind. It has everything from geolocation IP databases to fraud detection. It is a good option if you want more of a personalized touch for clients. 

Spoiler alert: You can use the Geo2 database with this option. You can get it free if you have a CC International License.

Your Free IP Location Database Resource Destination: DB-IP

 No matter what your IP database needs are, DB-IP can help. Please visit DB-IP for more information.