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Improve The Functionality of Your Business Website with the Innovative Accessibe WordPress Plugin

In recent years, you will find that web development has shifted from being just a functional site to one that is aesthetic to view and usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. Suppose you are the owner of a WordPress site. In that case, you can effectively enhance its functionality and web accessibility with innovative plugins like Accessibe, which plays a vital role in its search engine ranks and your business profits.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin is simple for you to use

You can install the Accessibe WordPress plugin from the official website of WordPress and activate it for your site in just a few minutes. You do not have to have technical skills for its download and installation. All you need to do is follow simple instructions to help you complete the process successfully in just a few minutes.

Besides the installation of this innovative plugin for your site, there are some other things that you can do when it comes to boosting the web accessibility of your site-

1. Add alternative text for site images – Screen readers cannot understand images. Here, you should add alternative text to them so that blind users and those with visual impairments can know what the picture is about with the help of a screen reader. WordPress will automatically create an alternative text for you when you upload an image based on its file name. However, it will not be of much use to a person who cannot see the picture. This is why you must go into the page or the post where this image is used to add a description with meaning.

2. Text version for screen readers – Besides adding alternative text to your site’s images, you should also have a text version as well for screen readers. In recent times, you will find that most sites have their navigation links on the top of the blog post or the page. Those with visual impairments can effectively navigate themselves around the site and, with the aid of a screen reader, are able to understand what each of these links says. When you add the easy-to-read text links, you are able to make navigation more accessible for every user. Some plugins do the above for you, but it is also simple for you to do it yourself as well.

3. Use headings with color codes to make the structure of your site clearer – Every user should be able to comprehend the site structure by looking at the heading of every post or page. This is why you must ensure that every section of the site contains a heading that is different in style.

Therefore, with the installation of the Accessibe WordPress plugin, ensure that you keep the above in mind as well. This helps you improve the functionality and the accessibility of your site without hassles. In the process, you can also boost search engine optimization and web traffic over time with success!