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Importance of Test Data in Application & Software Testing

The process of software and app development includes few important phases and testing is one of them. It is very common for apps to have bugs, which mainly results due to errors made by humans in the development stage.

Software testing is primarily done before releasing the app in the market. It includes testing every component. The testing data phase is extremely crucial for developers as it helps them to detect issues and bugs. If anything of that sort is detected, they can fix it before launching the app.

Significance of Test Data

Test data is referred to the data that is used for testing a particular software or application. While some data is used to check the ability of the app, other data might be used for obtaining a confirmatory outcome.

There are different ways to obtain the appropriate test data. Generally, they use a program or a tester to generate test data for testing a particular software.

Types of Test Data

The different types of test data are:

  • Valid test data

These data types are supported and validated by the software. It is used to verify the functions of the system.

  • Invalid test data

In contrast to valid test data, invalid test data includes unsupported data formats. This type of test data is needed by the teams to study and analyze whether the software is working properly or not. They purposely input wrong values just to check whether the app is show error messages.

  • Boundary test data

This type of test data is useful in removing the defects that are associated while processing the boundary values. This data included is a combination of boundary values that are required to handle the software. If the tester crosses the values, it may even break the app.

  • Absent data

Absent data refers to blank files which do not contain any data. This type of test data is used to check how the app reacts when no data is entered into the system.

Testing data is an important phase in the process of software development. All apps and software have to go through this phase before they are launched in the market.